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European Volunteering ESC in Italy

European Volunteering (ESC) in Italy in a Horse Rescue

Location:  Mongrando, Italy
Project dates:  starting ASAP, for 6 months
Applicants: 2 volunteers aged 18-30 from EU countries only
Hosting institution: Oasi di Scacco & Hope
Application deadline:  ASAP

Oasi di Scacco & Hope is a non-profit association aimed at recovering horses that have been abandoned, abused or destined for slaughter. They are looking for volunteers to take care of the horses, cultivate the organic garden and participating in arts and crafts workshops.

See the Infopack about the project.

The volunteer’s task will be:

  • Taking care of the organic garden
  • Taking care of the horses (cleaning the stables, grooming, creating a relationship with them)
  • Cooking meals with local produce
  • Forest conservation (cleaning the place, planting new trees)
  • Helping during the crafts, music, theatre and circus workshops
  • Helping during horse riding lessons
  • Welcoming guests

The profile of an ideal volunteer is:

  • adaptable and motivated to live in a rural area
  • good social and communication skills
  • not afraid of getting their hands dirty
  • interested in arts and culture
  • flexible and willing to learn
  • loving animals and nature
  • experience with horses is welcome but not a requirement
  • experience in education is welcome but not a requirement

If you would like to apply for this project please attached your CV and this form filled in English and sent them to Associazione Joint will contact only the shortlisted candidates to arrange a Skype interview.


European Volunteering (ESC) in a Butterfly House for Environmental Education Activities

Location: Bordano (Udine), Italy

Who: 1 volunteer aged 18-30 from EU Countries only

Duration: starting ASAP for 10 months

Hosting institution: Farfalle nella Testa

Application deadline: asap


Farfalle nella Testa is looking for 1 volunteer. The volunteer will be involved in the management of the Butterfly House and in the environmental education activities.

See the Infopack of the project.

The volunteer tasks will be:

  • Support during guided tours, educational workshops and events organized especially during the summer season (hikes, theme days etc.);
  • Participation in the conception, planning and realization of such events;
  • Creation and realization of activities, events or workshops: after an initial phase of adaptation, the volunteers will be encouraged and supported to enrich the Butterfly House with their ideas and experiences;
  • Assistance to the staff during the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Butterfly House: management and maintenance of tropical greenhouses and more in general of the museum structure;
  • Shooting and editing video, taking and editing photos, as well as publishing them on social media; following the media campaign on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Help during the breeding and care of insects and other invertebrates and vertebrates;
  • Assistance to the staff for the care of plants and outdoor gardening activities;
  • Participation in staff meetings and specific meetings on various aspects.

The planning of these activities and the assignment of specific tasks will always be closely connected with the preparation and the interests of the volunteers, so that everyone can find space for their own ideas and their own spirit of initiative.

The ideal volunteer

  • is a nature and animals lover
  • has a willingness to work in a group and in contact with the public, especially with children
  • is willing to do manual work and get their hands dirty
  • is ready and interested in spending a prolonged period of time in a small town located in a valley between the Carnic Pre-Alps and the Julian Alps
  • is a curious person, who asks questions and is capable of making constructive criticism and self-criticism.

It is be positively evaluated:

  • scientific background and previous experiences in the field of environmental education and/or gardening, horticulture and agriculture.
  • artistic skills in particular in the theatrical / acting field
  • video-making and/or photography skills
  • experience in the organisation of public, tourist and recreational events.

To apply for this project please attach your CV and this questionnaire filled in English and send them to

Associazione Joint will contact only the shortlisted candidates to arrange a Skype interview.

European Volunteering (ESC) in a kindergarten in Italy

Location: Genova, Italy
Project dates:  ASAP – to November 2021
Applicants: 1 female volunteer, aged 18-30 from EU Countries only
Hosting institution: Coop. Mignanego
Application deadline:  ASAP

Mignanego Cooperative Society is a no-profit cooperative. Its initiatives are aimed to children (especially those aged from 0 to 3), people with disabilities, women victims of violence or in situations of hardship, and migrants. Concerning childhood, the Cooperative runs two kindergardens, one in Mignanego (Nido Pollicino) and one in the historical city centre of Genova (Nido Vico Rosa) and manages a library space for children where specialised staff organise reading workshops for children and families. Cooperativa Mignanego also runs a support and listening center on gender-based violence whose primary aim is to contrast violence and discrimination and promote awareness of gender issues. Here, women victims of violence can find a place where they can be listened to and supported.

The volunteers will live in Genova in a shared apartment with double rooms. 5 euros per day of pocket money and food or a food allowance will be provided. The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis defined by the European Commission.

See the Infopack about the project.

Proposed activities – long term project in a non-profit providing services to children local community

– Activities with children in Pollicino kindergarten in Mignanego

– Reading and creative workshops for small children and familiies

– Supporting projects and events linked with gender issues

– Supporting the communication of the cooperative

– Organizing events for the community

– Help during summer camps for children

The ideal volunteer MUST be aged between 18 and 30 and MUST be resident in an EU country. They should be flexible, helpful, interested in social issues, eager to learn and available to do activities with small children, but also on social networks. The ideal candidate is patient, reliable, with good listening ability, willing to work in team. The volunteer has to be highly motivated to take part in this project. Furthermore, please bear in mind that volunteers will live in Genoa and travel every day to and from Mignanego with local transports.

To apply for this project please attach your CV and this questionnaire filled in English and send them to
Associazione Joint will contact only the shortlisted candidates to arrange an online interview.

European Volunteering (ESC) for education and lifelong learning in Italy

Location: Vicopisano (Pisa), Italy
Project dates: ASAP, for 12 months
Application deadline: as soon as possible
Hosting institution: Centro Italiano Femminile (CIF) Vicopisano

CIF Vicopisano is a small organization that offers afterschool activities for children and learning opportunities for all ages. The volunteers will be involved in educational, and long life learning activities with children, adults and elderly people.

See the infopack of the project.

For the first 6 months the volunteers will be involved in educational activities as follows:

• Participation in the staff meetings to settle the programme activities;
• Support in the afterschool programme, open 5 afternoons per week, helping children with their homework through workshops, group work or individually work.
• Support children with specific learning disabilities and linguistic difficulties;
• Organization of linguistic workshop for children and young people both in group and individually;
• Presence to the canteen service with the educators, children and adolescents;
• Organization of games, outdoor and recreational activities before and after the afterschool programme;
• Support teachers, educators and the staff members in tutoring and linguistic activities with adults and elderly people;
• Support adults and elderly people during the online training courses;
• Organization and management of workshops;
• Participation in the monthly coordinating meetings with public stakeholders.

On the second part of the project the 4 volunteers will be actively involved in the Summer Camps for local children through outdoor activities, games, workshops, sport, trips out of town and afterschool programme as well.

The ideal volunteer is:
• an open-minded young person with a positive attitude to work in an education and training programme with different kinds of people: children, teenagers, adults and elderly people;

  • ready and motivated to interact with local people and live a deep cultural experience;
  • patient, kind, polite, tolerant, able to listen actively and willing to work in team.

To apply for this project, please attach your CV and this questionnaire filled in English and send them to Associazione Joint will contact only the shortlisted candidates to arrange an online interview.

European Volunteering (ESC) in Italy for language and intercultural learning

Location: Crotone, Italy
Project dates:  May 2021 – May 2022
Applicants: aged 18-30 from EU Countries only
Hosting institution: One Cooperativa Sociale
Application deadline:  April 30th 2021

One is a social cooperative dealing with everything related to the world of languages: travel, interpreting, tour guides, school trips on historical/artistic themes, language courses, translations. They also manage a hostel and the volunteers will be involved in activities related to languages, tourism, culture and social development.

See the Infopack of the project.

The tasks of the volunteer will be:
• Supporting groups visiting the hostel, accompanying them and helping with planning trips

  • Helping the teachers with language courses
  • Helping during workshops and language course aimed at women in difficult situations
  • Support the teachers and educators during workshops for teens between 13 and 17 years old on different educational topics
  • Support during group trips and cultural tours during summer, in Italy and abroad (help with managing the groups during the trip and planning the journey)
  • Supporting daily activities at the hostel (welcoming visitors and groups, helping with bookings, keeping in touch with partners, maintenance and cleaning of the space)
  • Supporting with communication and promotion activities (creating content for websites and social media, promoting their ESC experience online and at events)

The profile of an ideal volunteer is:

  • MUST be aged between 18 and 30
  • MUST be legally resident or citizen of an EU country
  • is open-minded towards different cultures
  • is willing to learn and try new things
  • can communicate in English

Will be positively evaluated:

  • basic knowledge of Italian
  • driving licence
  • previous experience in teachin

To apply for this project please attach your CV and this questionnaire filled in English and send them to
Associazione Joint will contact only the shortlisted candidates to arrange an online interview.

European volunteering in Italy in a residential community for youth

Location: Menfi (Sicily), Italy
Project dates:  from 19th May 2021 to 19th May 2022
Applicants: 4 volunteers, aged 18-30 from EU Countries only
Hosting institution: Istituto Walden
Application deadline:  1st May 2021

Istituto Walden is a cooperative in the social sector that manages different houses and services for minors, abuse survivors, single mothers, disabled youth. The volunteers will be supporting the educators in a housing community for minors, that includes young offenders on a rehabilitation path.

See the Infopack of the project.

The tasks of the volunteer will be:

  • After-school activities (homework, lessons of foreign language, teaching workshops)
  • Recreational workshops: cooking, theatre and music
  • Linguistic workshop in the volunteers’ mother tongue
  • Organisation of the events: carnivals, Christmas, Easter etc
  • Management of daily life in the community: preparation of the food, cleaning of the rooms and common areas, taking care of children
  • Helping the users of the centre to get to: doctors, hospitals, gyms, swimming pools, trips, sea etc.

The profile of an ideal volunteer is:

  • motivated to work with young people that come from different social backgrounds
  • has a strong respect of the rules, patient and creative in order to develop the activities requested by the organisation;
  • determined, positive and proactive
  • flexible and able to manage working hours divided in different activities
  • able to collaborate with educators
  • proactive and reliable in a crisis
  • has the capacities for planning, organising and managing activities

To apply for this project please attach your CV and this questionnaire filled in English and send them to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to arrange an online interview.

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