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Gwennili is an organisation, whose aime is to promote intercultural learning and encounters for young people between 16 and 30 years old.

You want to participate in an intercultural project ? We organize ecological workcamps, artistic projects, intercultural trainings but we’re also working on individual mobilities since we’re sending and coordinating organisation for european voluntary service.



Be careful : Application deadline on the 26th of May.


The European Solidarity Corps aims to foster solidarity in European society, engaging young people and organisations in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities. It is a way for your organisation to address societal challenges and to give young people the opportunity to learn and develop their potential. On the other hand, young people can bring fresh and inspiring ideas to your organisation.

European Solidarity Corps support:

– volunteering

– jobs and traineeships

– solidarity projects.


Volunteering projects are the most common type of project, the format which allows the applicant organisations to apply for a European Solidarity Corps grant in order to implement either individual volunteering (2-12 months or in some cases from 2 weeks to 2 months) or volunteering teams (2 weeks to 2 months, 10-40 participants).

Organisations taking part need to hold a valid Quality Label (or Erasmus+ volunteering accreditation).

For cross-border individual volunteering activities, a minimum of two organisations need to be involved. They should cover the following roles:

  • A host role that covers the full range of activities related to hosting a participant, including the development of a programme of activities and guidance
  • A supporting role that entails supporting, preparing and training participants before departure and mediation between them and their host organisation

For in-country individual volunteering, one organisation holding a Quality label for a host role is enough. For volunteering teams, the minimal requirement is to have one organisation regardless of the role it is accredited for.

Organisations applying for volunteering activities can expect the following costs to be covered by the grant: contribution to travel costs of participants, project management costs (e.g. planning, finances, coordination), activity costs (e.g. preparation, monitoring and support of participants), inclusion support, contribution to additional personal expenses for participants, linguistic support, exceptional and complementary activity costs.

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