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Italy Genoa Training Course


Training course: Intercultural storytelling lab

Location: Genoa, Italy

Dates: multiple editions from May to December 2020, 2021

Number of participants: 15

Participating countries: Any

Apply here: application form

Organizer: Librotondo

Deadline to apply: 5 February 2020

Date of Selection: 1 March 2020

Inquiries about this training course:

Costs: The course fee is harmonized with costs that are reserved for K1 actions under Erasmus+ guidelines: €480.Amount includes: preparation for the course, tuition, training materials, administration costs, organizational costs and half-day excursion.

Intercultural Storytelling Lab

Download infopack here: Intercultural Storytelling Lab


STORYTELLING LAB is a training course dedicated to storytelling as an educational tool at school. Teachers will learn how to organize storytelling activities with the classroom, to help children develop cognitive, linguistic and social skills and improve climate and relationships of the learning group. The use of different expressive languages and tools (illustrated books without words, tactile books, small theaters of paper and cardboard, boxes, body, voice) makes these storytelling activities suitable for children coming from migrant backgrounds or with difficulties in learning.


-Why is it important to tell stories at school? What skills do children acquire through storytelling?

-Which non-formal education activities are more useful for activating the participation of children and allowing them to develop autonomy and critical thinking?

-Stories to improve the climate among the group: how to build rituals with children to improve class-room climate, teach active listening, improve literacy, self-esteem and quality of relationships.

-Using silent books for working with children with migrant backgrounds and refugees.

– How to involve families (especially those with migrant or poor cultural resources) and the local community.

– how to build an intercultural library at school and collect fairy tales from the countries of origin of migrant families.

-Tools for telling stories: oral narration and fairy tales; illustrated cards; silent books (wordless picture books); narration with everyday objects; mini-portable theaters; tactile story boxes; tactile books; pop-up; books; flip-book; collective writing; creative cards and tools to invent stories.

Intercultural training course will equip you with the knowledge of how to build inspiring learning experiences. By the end of the course you will be able to:

-Reflect on your skills and role as teacher

-Develop and implement storytelling techniques

-Use basic storytelling methods in different contexts and with specific targets

-Create new ideas for enriching your pedagogical methods

-Encourage children to deal with complexity, increases common understanding, cooperation, active listening, literacy and self-esteem.
-school staff (pre-school and primary school), educators

Local contacts : 

Mrs. Lucia Tringali
Tel. 0039 3473008870

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