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Training Course

4-12 September 2020 | Siauliai county, Velziai, Lithuania

With this TC we are proposing solutions that value the needs of adults and youngsters and support communication between them,by providing digital skills & finding creative ways on combining analog and open-air activities in youth work with digital tools.

We believe, that digital literacy and 21st century skills play a crucial role as part of modern citizenship and modern life in general and youth work should be able to encourage this. Therefore, youth workers need an agile mindset, willing to try new things, learn from both success and failure, and be supported to do so.
With this TC we are proposing solutions that value the needs of both adults and youngsters and  support communication between them, by providing digital knowledge and skills and finding creative ways on combining analog and open-air activities in youth work with digital tools and apps that are used by youngsters, through a hands-on approach and experience.

-To explore, share experience and build skills in the field of digitally based experiential learning
-To discover some digital tools that can be used in youth work with the focus on open-air activities
-To discover the concept of digital youth work and reflect on future potential of digital youth work and its possible limitations
-To create new educational tools and learning methods aimed at developing behavioral and social competencies, pursuing social inclusion of the people with fewer opportunities through digital outdoor activities
-To develop digital methods of empowering people with diverse needs for youth work
-To share good and bad practices of digital youth work ( especially in within the outdoor context)
-To promote networking and cooperation between experienced youth workers/trainers



Application deadline (24h UTC): 12 July 2020
Date of selection: 17 July 2020

Training overview

This Training Course is

for 29 participants

from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth coaches, Educators

Working language(s):



Participation fee

Participation fee is 20EUR

Accommodation and food

The accommodation and food are covered by Erasmus+ programme.

Travel reimbursement

The TC course is supported by Erasmus+ programme and travel expenses will be reimbursed with accordance to flat rates depending on calculated travel distance.

Limits are per person:

Lithuania – 0 Eur

Latvia – 180 Eur

Poland – 275 Eur

Turkey – 275 Eur

Cyprus – 360 Eue

Greece – 360 Eur

Croatia – 275 Eur

France – 275 Eur

Rep. of North Macedonia – 275 Eur

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