“Live it Lisbon!” Summer Volunteer Programme

Live it Lisbon! is a non-profit & low-cost summer experience, which aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and social justice. It is meant to be a responsible alternative to mainstream tourism and a meaningful way to spend one’s summer break, as over half of the time of the programme is spent on intercultural activities and on giving back to the socially & economically challenged host community of Bairro Padre Cruz in Lisbon, Portugal.

The programme has been run since 2015 by a small independent development NGO, the Spin Association for the Exchange, Training and Cooperation among Peoples (


Who can apply

  • anyone can apply regardless of their nationality;
  • volunteers over 18 years old are accepted and there is no hard upper age limit (although most of the participants are between 18 and 30 years old).


Activities and dates

The programme is about volunteering, culture, Portuguese language, food and tourism. This year there are two Live it Lisbon! sessions:

  • period A, from July the 4th to July the 14th (canceled);
  • period B, from August the 29th to September the 8th (draft schedule)..

From the 11 days, there are 6 non-working days in total, the first day of the programme is arrival day and the last day is departure day.
On both of these days, participants are not working. Participants will also have 4 full free days (all participants on the same days).


How to apply

  • to apply you have to fill in the online form and pay the participation fee
  • the €250/€300 fee covers accommodation, food, travel costs within the programme, language classes, cooking workshops and other activities
  • the participation fee does not cover international travel expenses, insurance or costs associated with obtaining a visa (if applicable)
  • if selected, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will have 5 days to make the first payment to confirm your placement
  • if you are not selected immediately, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list
  • a few placements are reserved for last-minute applications and will be released only towards the end of the selection

There is no deadline and the application process will only close once all the vacancies are filled.


Read more about the programme here.

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