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What is the Best Way to Make Slides?

In this article, we will look for the answer to the question of how to make Best Way to Make Slides, we hope that you will encounter tips and suggestions that you have never heard before. Making a presentation is an activity that you will encounter frequently in both education and business life. In this article, we will share successful presentation techniques, program-sites where you can prepare presentations, powerpoint presentation preparation steps!

What is the Best Way to Make Slides?

There are two options when preparing Powerpoint slides;

  • You can manually create individual slides yourself.
  • You can prepare slides over ready-made powerpoint themes.

If you are going to prepare slides manually, you should start by deciding on options such as color, design, layout and font-size. Before preparing a slide, you should divide the topic into headings and subheadings to determine how you will divide your text and the information you will convey.

To create a slide show, first open the Powerpoint page. Then, on the screen that comes up, click the “Insert” menu and go to the “new slide” option. Then select the desired design from the “Design” tab above. After your first slide, you can add more slides with the new slide tab in the upper left corner. To add a picture to your slide, you can add the picture you want from the “Pictures” tab in the “Insert” section at the top. You can also make the layout change you want by dragging it over your slide.

You can prepare your presentation by using powerpoint templates. When you click on the file at the top left in the Powerpoint program and enter the “new” option, you will see many ready-made templates. The biggest advantage of ready-made theme; is the automatic presentation of works such as title, font, color and slide layout.

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Alternative Presentation Slide Options

Apart from Powerpoint, you have the chance to prepare more creative and effective presentations over the internet.


Prezi, which has been increasingly used in world in recent years, offers you many different alternatives for preparing presentations. How can you tell a lot with very few presentation slides in Prezi? Prezi asks you to think of a slide as a large visual cloth and lets you talk about your subject through interactive pages on a single screen. “Zoom”, that is, zooming in and out, gives you unlimited freedom, making it easy to switch between themes. Prezi gives you the opportunity to prepare presentations in its free version, but you can enjoy all the features as a premium member for $5 per month.


2. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a site where you can create great presentations with many ready-made templates and formats you can create yourself. Especially if the subject of your presentation is related to education and business world, ready-made templates will be very useful for you. In the Haiku Deck program, you are given the opportunity to download photos and move Youtube videos to your presentation free of charge. With the program, which is compatible with iPhone and Ipad, you can view your presentations in high quality on mobile.

Web Site:

3. SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a system that offers you many alternatives for presentation! With SlideRocket, you can create many presentations from scratch, transfer the presentations you have prepared in Powerpoint to the system and play with SlideRocket features.

Web Site:

4. Google Slides

Although it is basically similar to Powerpoint, Google Slides makes it possible to prepare simple presentations online without the need for a program. If you have a short time to make the presentation and you need a quick edit, Google Slides gives you the opportunity to prepare a basic presentation in a very short time. The compatibility of Google Slides with all Google tools also provides advantages in terms of mobile and cloud technology.

Web Site:

Suggestion and Tips to Make Slides

  • While preparing slides in the presentation, preparing text-heavy slides will bore the audience. In order for you to master the subject, improvising by putting short reminder sentences in the presentation will increase your impressive rate.
  • One of the biggest mistakes made in presentations is to read slides in plain text and present in an unexciting tone! In this case; After a while, you will see that the audience switch to the “let’s go” mode.
  • A slide with 30 pages  with heavy text or a slide with 15 pages of visual richness? In fact, it may vary depending on the subject, but in general, photographs, graphics and tables will attract people’s attention even more. While presenting the nutritional value ratios of a product, presenting it as a graphic rather than writing it in plain text as 13%-15%-17% will increase the interest. It is always better to emphasize visual memory.
  • Using clear and short phrases will make your presentation more impressive and listenable.
  • The images you use will be an indicator of how much time you spend on your work. The simple cliparts provided to you can be useful, but a presentation using high resolution images will look much more professional.
  • Especially when using diagrams, don’t try to squeeze them all into one slide. It will be more effective if you create a series that will appear on successive slides.
  • To practice before the presentation and to relieve your tension, present yourself 10 times and 4 times in front of an audience, which may be your friends or family.
  • Make eye contact with the audience during the presentation and try to use your body language effectively.

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