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Successful Motivation Letter Techniques for ESC

Successful Motivation Letter Techniques for ESC European Solidarity Corps One of the topics we focus on on our website is European Voluntary Service / EVS ads! How to write the motivation letter during the application of the questions that come to us the most, how can I highlight myself among tens of applications, I make many applications but I cannot get positive feedback? There are questions such as. We wanted to write an article that gives you little tips on this!

Motivation letter; Although there is a section in the advertisement that you apply to best describe you, your mistakes can have the same negative effect to you. Let’s look at what we need to pay attention to in the motivation letter!

Know Yourself:

Motivation letter is a format in which you tell yourself to someone who never knew you. Therefore; analyze yourself well. Your talents, skills, educational background, and most importantly, how much you can contribute in the project you want to go, you should express all aspects in a short and clear way. In the motivation letter; Depending on the subject of the European Voluntary Service project, highlight your skills, skills and experience. For example; In a volunteer project looking for a photographer, it will be useful to highlight your photography, press and communication aspects.

Prepare a Special Motivation Letter for the Project:

Our recommendation in this regard is to prepare a separate motivation letter for each project rather than a general motivation letter! Of course, preparing separate motivational letters in format for each project application is a laborious task, but it is important that you feel that you have prepared a motivation letter for the project you are applying for! Changing the format you prepared according to each application and acting according to the project subject will make you stand out.

Should I Prepare Written Text or Presentation?

One of the most common questions for us is whether I should put photos, write presentations or take videos on a text. Our advice is not to prepare a serious motivation letter as in the job application! The presentation or video option is entirely up to you, the motivation letter that we sent as an example and received an approval is generally accepted in Power Point Presentation format. However, if you want to go to the next level of this format and trust your English, you can also shoot a video.

Feature Your Images:

Your photos and images are one of the most important aspects that can highlight you in your European Voluntary Service project application! The photographs you choose in accordance with your text will definitely attract the attention of the other party. For example, when you apply for a project that is sought after in the sports center, the photos from the previous sports events will give you plus points. Our advice is not to put a lot of selfies and single photos. If you are a member of the association, the photos of the activities you perform at the association will be appropriate. One of the most common mistakes in the visual issue is the introduction of European culture nightlife with the logic of putting bar, drink and entertainment visuals into the motivation letter. Of course, you can put 1-2 photos of an event you volunteer in nightlife, but your individual nightlife and entertainment photos will have a negative effect.

Be Innovative:

You can take advantage of innovative techniques when preparing your presentation or video. Our advice on this subject is and Although there are tools for unprofessional amateur users, let us warn you from the beginning that it may make you struggle a bit but it will definitely have a positive effect!

Create the Feeling This Project Needs Me:

Be sure to research the country and institution you will go to during the application to the European Voluntary Service! Be sure to read the volunteer duties in the project and make you feel what you are reading in your motivation letter! For example, you are applying for a project at the Art Center in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and in your motivation letter, a phrase like “It would be great to develop a project with you in Barcelona, ​​xxxxxx in historical structure” will indicate that you are researching the country and contributing to the institution throughout your voluntary service! It is not hard to say “This person must be our volunteer” among dozens of applications with a short research and creative imagination!

Share Your Work:

Do not hesitate to share your previous studies at the application stage! This can be a report, a short film shoot, an artistic product, feel free to impress with your work!

Do not forget that there are hundreds of applications to the ad that you applied for last, and do not give up on the negative feedbacks! All those who really strive to make EVS in our environment have been accepted and feel free to try methods that will increase your chances! It will be beneficial for you to read our articles below.

Gökhan Turgut Ünal

StudyInGram Editor

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