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10 Tips for Time Management

Life slips by so fast in these days. 24 hours a day aren’t enough for our anymore or we think like that. We have comprehended that value of our lives. And we want to live life to the fullest. We want exercise, eat well, work, read, spend quality time with our friends and family, take up a new hobby, travel and have fun. But for all of them are 24 hours a day really enough? I think, yes! And today I want to mention about time management. With these techniques you can do whatever you want to do in your day. In this article we have 10 techniques about time management. Let’s get to the point.

  1. Put In Order Your Daily Tasks

Even if lots of people think that routines are boring, they can help you what you want to do in your daily life. First of all it helps regulate your daily works. With routines you can know what is coming up and how much time you will have. And with these you can stay away from stress and use your time more efficient. You can create daily or weekly routines. This totally depends on you. And don’t forget to write down your daily tasks on a paper and mark them. That can encourage you to continue.

  1. Keep Agenda

As I just said, writing down your tasks is really motivating. And keeping agenda make you more willing and make this phase enjoyable. Luckily today, agendas are very popular. So there are lots of agendas that suit every pocket. After find yourself a proper agenda you can buy colorful pencils and motivating stickers for yourself to make it more enjoyable.

  1. Spend Your Morning Time Efficiently

Whether like it or not, scientists say that morning time is more productive. Because in mornings your body is more vigorous and your mind is more clear. So, it is very important to not pass these times without doing nothing. Start your day as early as you can. Don’t miss the morning sun. Unfortunately wasting morning time and shine can be a really big shame. Wake up earlier, open your window, take a deep breath and get to work. And sooner or later you will realize that it works!

  1. You Can Say ‚NO‘

Yes, we have already plenty works to do. And accepting somebody’s request can put us into trouble, not always of course but sometimes it happens. It causes more stress because we don’t want to spare our time to this. So at these times, remember, there is always another option. You can say no if you don’t want to do or if it makes you more tense. Because it affects your productivity. You have to learn to say no.

  1. Try 8,8,8 Technique

I think this technique is the most effective but hardest technique among these tipps. Because it should be a life style. People who use this technique split their days 3 sections. Each section is 8 hours. Work, private life and sleep. As a matter of fact it looks really effective. At least you can give this technique a one week chance. If you like it, you can continue. But don’t forget, it can be harder than you think.

  1. Don’t Be Perfectionist

Who doesn’t love perfectly made works? I guess answer is noone. But trying to make everything perfect is really tiresome and wearing. And it takes too much time. You should try to undermining. Calculating on your works and trying to find faults and critizing yourself are sometimes wasting time. Rather than do this, you can do and finish your other works. Or you can keep time for yourself. You know, nothing is perfect in this time so don’t try to be perfect too.

  1. Don’t Waste Your Time On Social Media

Social media… Poison of the modern world. Unfortunately we all are captive today. Some people spend 8 hours on social media only! Notice, it makes us slaves. It shows us magical worlds, flawless bodies, perfect relationships. Yes, maybe dreaming and setting goals are good things but social media and phone detain us from reality. The only thing that matters is taking steps for your dreams. Get inspired and take steps. Don’t forget, social media is the biggest enemy of time management.

  1. Don’t Do Everything On Your Own

Taking responsibilities are important. But you can’t do everything, actually you can but you don’t have to. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. On the contrary it gives you time. Pass your some tasks to someone. Chill and breathe again. Feel the lightness of sharing your responsibilities.

  1. Set A Time Limit

Every work, every task take different times. It changes according to their importances. For example, gardening takes 1 hour but having time with your friends take 2 hours or maybe shopping takes only 30 minutes. So, when you write down your daily tasks on your agenda, don’t forget to set time limits. With these limits, you won’t spend unnecessary time. Because, we know that every second of our day is important.

  1. Use Eat That Frog Technique

Eat that frog is one of the most known and successful technique. And I save the best fort he last. With this technique you should classify your tasks and works according to difficulty, urgency and importance. And you need to do your most urgent or challenging job in the morning. This technique is especially effective when there are multiple tasks.

Yes, we came to the end. I know managing your time is really hard. But nowadays in order to not to drift away in the flow of life, we have to do this so as not to forget to improve ourselves. Our world is now a world of possibilities. Let’s realize this and spend our limited life to the fullest.

Sıla Polat

StudyInGram Editor

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