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Italian language is one of the most spoken European languages. As we know, learning new languages expands our worlds. If you agree and want to jump into Italian world, but hesitate because you do not know where to start, you are on the right path with reading this article. You can find the best ways to learn Italian online right here. Let’s get to our list.


Duolingo is the most famous language app. You can access Duolingo on your mobile phone or on your desktop for free. Duolingo has daily notifications to remind you that you need to study Italian. With Duolingo you can also practice writing, listening and speaking in Italian.


If you want to learn Italian with real conversatipnal phrases, Babbel is just for you! With Babbel, you can practise speaking and improve your pronunciation with speech recognition technology. You can also get immediate feedback so you can boost your speaking skills. Babbel differs from Duolingo because you need to do a purchase to acces more features on Babbel.


This one is actually not an app but very useful way to learn Italian.  With Ripeti con me!, you learn Italian by listening and repeating sentences.The Italian audio course Ripeti Con Me starts at a beginner level and focuses on essential Italian vocabulary.This audio material only uses audio from native speakers and is also great for learn Italian in the car.

The concept underlying this course is that you’ll improve your Italian by listening and repeating many sentences. As you go through the course, small changes are made to the sentences, moving different components in and out.


Busuu is a language laerning app just like Duolingo. But, Busuu mostly focuses on specific subjects while teaching you Italian. For example, with Busuu, if you are a beginner you can work with easy subjects like family, free time and food and if you are a more advanced student you can deal with more complex themes such as politics, nature and life choices.

When you are using Busuu, you must make a payment which is close to 14 Turkish liras weekly. The membership cost is more expensive than for other applications but it is perhaps worth it for all the other enjoyable features of the app.


If you want to learn and memorize Italian words, Memrise is just for you! With Memrise, you can learn new Italian words and you practice them over and over again and never forget. This app is especially for beginners because, the app uses repeating technique so it can be little boring for advanced learners.


“In 24 Hours” is a free, but more basic, app which is useful for students who want to study Italian on the move. It is perhaps more suitable for beginners as it is not possible to skip the most simple lessons, which teach phrases like ‘I am, I have’ etc. IN 24 Hours Learn Italian does not have varieties of activities as Duolingo or Babbel but it is quite useful for beginners.

Only bad thing about ‘In 24 hours’ is that it is not yet full version available for Android, and so you need to have an IOS to be able to download it.

We tried to find the most useful and affordable options for learning Italian. Of course there are many more options on the internet but some of them may be quite expensive to afford especially for the sudents. With these three tools that mentioned above, you can learn and practice Italian. You can learn the basic words with Duolingo and improve your listening skills with Ripeti Con Me! which actually means “repeat with me!”.

Aslı Gülenç

Editor of the School of Project Management

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    Check out their website for more information. Hope this helps!

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