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Are you still studying, but beginning to look for an exciting and formative first professional experience European Investment Bank Summer Jobs? Do you wonder what a typical workday in your chosen field feels like? If so, keep reading!

At the EIB, we understand that these early practical experiences are very valuable, and we have in place a programme to give you this brief taste of working life. If you are looking to keep busy between academic years, we can offer you our short-term Summer Jobs.

Your role will be to provide general assistance in a range of administrative tasks, for between two to four weeks in the July to September period. You will experience working life in a large organisation as well as earning an allowance for your time. You will return to your studies having gained a wider perspective on your chosen field, as well as –  we hope – some fun memories from your time with us.

To be eligible, you need to be a national from an EU Member State, aged 18 to 25, currently in education and you will need to speak English proficiently. You will need to arrange your own accommodation, so we advise you to be located near our offices.

Make sure you check our Careers section in the first quarter of the year  for announcements. Selections are made by drawing lots and selected students will be informed by email. There  is usually a very high demand for these opportunities and this is the only way to secure a Summer job at the Bank, so don’t miss your window!

To apply, you will need to click on  and filter your search by job family.

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The EIB is offering a limited number of summer jobs for student, we will host two welcoming sessions on the 01st July 2022 – 29th July 2022 and 01st August 2021 – 30th August 2022, providing the opportunity to experience working life and an allowance amounting 2 191.73e net per session.

Students taking up these summer jobs will be providing general assistance in basic administrative tasks (e.g. filing, archiving, scanning etc.).

To be eligible, students must be aged from 18 to 25 inclusive and must still be attending an educational establishment. Ideally students should live locally in Luxembourg or the surrounding areas or be able to secure accommodation at their own expenses, as the EIB does not offer relevant assistance.

Candidates are required to have a solid knowledge of English and/or French.

To ensure fairness, applicants are selected by drawing lots.

Applications of those who have previously carried out a summer job in 2019 (there was no summer students program in 2020 and 2021) at the Bank cannot be taken into consideration.

All applicants will be informed of the outcome via email by end of April.

Deadline for submitting applications: 24th April 2022 inclusive.

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