NATO Staff Officer Job Posting

United States of America-NorfolkHeadquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Full-time: 7,644.87US Dollar (USD) Monthly

Grade NATO Grade G15

Are you an experienced Financial analyst?  If so, this position offers you a unique opportunity to support the NATO Alliance at its Internal Audit Command group.

Post Context

ACT contributes to preserving the peace, security and territorial integrity of Alliance member states by leading, at Strategic Command level, Warfare Development required to enhance NATO’s posture, military structures, forces, capabilities and doctrines.

The Command Group provides general support, coordination, management, administrative service and specialist advice to SACT, DSACT and COS.

Chief of Staff (COS) is responsible to SACT and DSACT for the staff activity necessary to execute ACT’s mission. It is the focal point for the implementation of the Commander’s direction and guidance as well as the initiation and co-ordination of all ACT staff efforts.

The Staff Advisory Group (SAG) is comprised of different competencies grouped into several offices (Political Advisor, Legal Advisor, Gender Advisor, Financial Controller, Command Auditor, Communication Branch and Pentagon Liaison). It works under the direction and guidance of COS and provides general staff support, coordination, management, administrative service, and specialists’ advice to SACT.

The Office of the Command Auditor is responsible for directing the activities of all financial, risk, operational and performance audits throughout the Command.

The Staff Officer (Financial Audit) is responsible to the ACT Principal Auditor for undertaking primarily financial and risk audits throughout the Command.

APPLY NATO Staff Officer Job Posting

Reports to: – ACT Principal Auditor   

Principal Duties: His/her duties are:

  1. Carry out the tasks contained in the ACT Audit Advisory Panel (AAP) approved, risk based, audit programme and to perform any special audits and studies as tasked by the AAP or ACT Principal Auditor.
  2. Conduct periodic audits to ensure compliance with established policies, standards and applicable directives. As directed, conduct audits to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operations and systems.
  3. Report on the Command’s internal review processes from a technical, financial, risk assessment and quality aspects and comment on their effectiveness, implementation and execution.
  4. Review the execution, implementation, status and effectiveness of the Command’s risk management process; report on the status and effectiveness of risk registers and advise on all governance issues arising from these reviews.
  5. Report on the financial execution of Command’s NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) programme of work.
  6. Prepare audit reports suggesting corrective actions and recommendations, as appropriate. Recommend the adoption of new policies or procedures to improve control and efficiency.
  7. Undertake ad-hoc analyses and studies as tasked by the ACT Principal Auditor or the AAP.
  8. Undertake all activities involved in financial and risk audits and internal control to determine compliance with applicable policies.

Essential Qualifications

a.         University Degree in accounting, finance, management, business administration, public administration or related discipline and 4 years function related experience.

b.         4 years function experience in financial audit positions.

c.         Experience in the field of financial systems, risk and operational audit, and computer systems.

d.         Experience with operation of automated accounting systems and office automation software packages, particularly spreadsheet applications.

e.         Hold a recognized professional internal audit or accounting qualification.

f.          Ability to express himself/herself clearly and persuasively, both orally and in writing at all levels to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.


English – SLP 3333 – (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

Desirable Qualifications

a.         Professional Experience

1.         Experience as an auditor or project manager in NATO or an international/multi-national organization.

2.         Experience in use of computer assisted audit, project management or life cycle management systems.

b.         Education/Training

1.         A Masters level university degree in accounting, economics, management, business administration, or related field.

c.         Language

French – SLP 3333 – (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).


•           Professional Contacts:

1.         He/she will interact with BUDFIN personnel, the ACT Principal Auditor, International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN) Auditors and other internal and external NATO organizations to discuss business processes.

2.         He/she is expected to contribute to discussions on Bi-SC agreements, material weaknesses, audit/review findings and procedures at various organizations with the goal of improving business practices within ACT.

3.         He/she must have the ability to effectively coordinate with other agencies, suppliers and industries.

4.         He/she must be capable of representing HQ SACT at senior level meetings.

5.         He/she should have the ability to maintain a clear thought process, and sound judgment in undertaking the post’s duties.

6.         He/she must be flexible to adapt to the changing environment as well as display tact and discretion in dealings with all staff.

7.         He/she must have sound presentational abilities, and be able to present information and draft clear, effective, and concisely written reports.

•           Contribution To Objectives:

  1. He/she will review existing financial priorities, policy and procedures and make recommendations on improving processes through past experience and best practices.
  1. He/she must remain updated on changes to NATO policies, procedures, guidance and Bi-SC directives and remain aware of other NATO Internal Review/audit findings and issues for potential occurrences/applicability within ACT.
  1. The success of the Headquarters and the Financial Controller directly relies on the successful execution of NATO policies, procedures, guidance and Bi-SC directives. The ability to accomplish the Commands’ goals, objectives and priorities rests with the ability of staff to execute its mission in the most efficient manner possible. This post provides the necessary confidence that the business processes that are in place are effective and operating as intended, or that additional attention is required to ensure the safeguarding the Nation’s financial interests is accomplished.

There are no reporting responsibilities.

Security Clearance

The successful applicant will be required to apply for and receive a NATO Secret Security Clearance prior to final confirmation of contract and commencement of employment.

Work Environment

He/she will be required to work in a normal office environment.


Serving NATO International Civilian staff will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations.  Newly recruited staff will be offered a three year definite duration contract.

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