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Spain Salamanca EVS ESC

Receiving Organisation: ETL Don Bosco

Place: Rúa Belvís 2, 15703, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Activity dates: 15th January 2022 14th January 2023 (12 months)

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Description of the organisation

The Don Bosco center counts with two main entities: Escola de Tempo Libre e Animación Sociocultural Don Bosco, it is focused in training activities in the social field and leisure time, and Centro Xuvenil Don Bosco, that has a full and global offer of activities, which its main target is to educate in values through the leisure time to children and youngsters of the neighbourhood, the city and closer areas.

Furthermore since 2000 the Escola de Tempo Libre Don Bosco is a receiving, sending and coordinating organisation for EVS and Voluntary Projects of the European Solidarity Corps.

The most common activities carried out in the Centro Don Bosco in Santiago for children and youth from the neighbourhood are: play room(Espazo Lúdico), school support (Máis Que Apoio Escolar), library, crafts, leisure time groups for children and youngsters, magosto(chestnut feast), Christmas activities, carnival, Youth centre’s feasts, neighbourhood’s feast, urban summer camp(Bosco Verán) for children, information office and voluntary and youth counselling, diffusion activities for the Erasmus+ Programme and European Solidarity Corps.


Tasks of the volunteer:

The volunteer will collaborate with the staff and other volunteers, contributing own initiatives and resources of own culture, in:

  • Collaborate with the technicians and volunteers of the center in the programming, performing and evaluation of the activities: design of activities, preparation of the material, search for resources …
  • Collaborate in the maintenance, revitalization and animation of the Papaventos Recreational Space for children from 4 to 13 years old: games, crafts, city trips, …
  • Collaborate in the “Máis Que Apoio Escolar” program, helping participants, ages 4 to 17, with homework and study, as well as foreign languages: English, French, …
  • Collaborate in the Educational digital leisure activities for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old.
  • Collaborate in the preparation, dynamization and evaluation of awareness campaigns for students of the schools of Santiago.
  • Collaborate in the programming, dynamization and animation of summer campaigns and non-school periods for children from 4 to 17 years old: Christmas, Easter, Carnival , Summer time, …
  • Collaborate in the maintenance, animation and dynamization tasks of the game room, library.
  • Collaborate in other activities and workshops of the center: crafts, theatre, languages, guitar, dances, video, excursions, …
  • Collaborate in the special activities: Carnivals, Magosto (chestnut feastivity), Smaín, celebrations and special activities of the center, popular parties, …
  • Cooperation in the Solidarity campaigns: “Operación Quilo” (food recompilation campaign), Suriya project, “O teu tapón conta” (recycle campaign),…
  • Collaborate with other volunteers in the maintenance, order and cleaning of the different rooms.
  • Collaborate with other volunteers in the different dissemination campaigns of the European Solidarity Corps: distribution of brochures, talks, courses, meetings, …
  • Help young people of Santiago to participate in the Erasmus + Program (Exchanges, …) and in the European Solidarity Corps (Volunteering Projects): helping with the language, contributing ideas …
  • Possibility to collaborate in activities developed jointly with other Santiago entities such as Caritas and Red Cross.
  • Possibility to participate in the activities of the Scout group for children and teenagers since 8 to 18 years (weekends and camps).
  • Possibility of training a football or basketball teams for children, teenagers and youth from 5 to 30 years.
  • Develop a personal project related to any of the activities of the different centers, according to their preferences, abilities and skills. They will do it when they know the reality and the general dynamics of the center, have more ease with the language and feel more secure.


The volunteer will live in a flat, sharing it with other volunteers or students, in a single or double room. Furthermore the flat provides all items necessary for living: a washing machine, heater, blankets, iron, dishes, internet,  etc.

The organisation will cover the expenses of the flat (rent, supplies,…)


Expected learning outcomes & Youthpass

  • Experience in working with children/youngsters
  • Teaching skills.
  • Knowledge of handicrafts, sports games and dynamics to motivate the children and teenagers.
  • Knowledge of the operation of a play room, how to programme, carry out and evaluate activities for a play room, and develop abilities as an instructor in a play room
  • Knowledge of the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Program and how to make and carry out informative activities.
  • Learn to programme, carry out and evaluate intercultural activities.
  • Learn to be more patient, more open and more independent
  • Learn the importance of getting to know other mentalities and cultures for his/her personal development and future life.
  • Learn to speak and write correctly in Spanish.
  • Interpersonal skills and social: Adaptability and ability to cope with new challenges, teamwork, shared responsibilities in living with a multinational team of volunteers.
  • Cultural Expression: Developing cultural awareness about mutual needs that are generated in a multicultural environment.
  • Communication in mother tongue and foreign languages: Communication, socialization and negotiation in a second language (Spanish). And knowledge of Galician language.
  • The project partners commit themselves to update her/his knowledge in this field and to make sure that the volunteer will be issued a Youthpass at the end of the EVS activities.


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