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Most Common Interview Questions 2023

Here are popular and common job Interview Questions and answers to help you out. Only these interview questions stand between you and your dream job. All of these questions have right and wrong answers. If you give the correct answers, you will be hired, but if you give the wrong answers, you will unfortunately go back to the job search process. How should you answer in a job interview or talk on the phone so that companies can give you feedback? Here are the common Interview Questions and some great answers to these Interview Questions.

Most Common Interview Questions 2022

Tell me about yourself

This is the most common Interview Question and general. Talking about yourself is reaaly hard situation. You must be clear and you can’t get out the point. At this question, start with your name and most valuable experience in work life. Tell your job title and degree. Most important point in this question;

  • Don’t tell your all experiences and jobs.
  • Don’t start from your childhood or primary school.
  • Don’t tell your internship or scholarship experiences.
  • Don’t praise yourself and don’t dwell on a subject.

Best answer;

My name is Jonathan Myers, I am project management coordinator, I have 10 years experience in work life. I graduated from xxx university with yyy degree. I have some background in Agile project management, Pareto ststem analysis and data engineering. In addition, I am blogger at with non profit situation.

How did you hear about this position

At this question Interviewer wants to learn your attachment importance to the job vacancy. You can talk about your interest to the company. You can notice that you follow the company career page periodically. If you say, I heard from my friend or online advertisement, it will be wrog answer according to the interviewer.

Best answer;

“I’ve known about Studyingram for a long time – I’m a big fan of your blog posts. I really benefit from your lifehack and scholarship posts.

Regularly I follow your career page and when I saq the job vacancy I said this is the right time to join your strong team.

Why did you decide to apply for this position?

Why why why 🙂 Job interviews provide lots of “Why” question. This question include “why this company” and ” what is your motivation”. You must prove that you really want this job, this company with high motivation. Interviewers want to learn your passion. Your passion is career? money? title?

Best Answer

I’m very passionate about blog writing. In fact, I minored in creative writing techniques. I’ve always wanted to put my creative writing techniques to a good position as a Editor at Studyingram is just the right thing.

I’ve been following your company for the past few years, and I love how you’re changing the youth lifes in world.

What is your Highlights for Hiring You?

Are you really suitable candidate for this opportunity. Company wants to learn what you will add values to the team. This question is one of the deceptive questions that may come to you, attention 🙂 Generally, while the candidates answer this question, they highlight their GPA or university. However, this is not the answer that is expected from you, “What could be the feature or skill that distinguishes you from other candidates?” At this point, the special conditions required in the job posting will be your biggest resource.

Best Answer

a special computer program that is asked in the job posting, a special work experience will take you one click away from other candidates.

Successful Motivation Letter Techniques for ESC

What is your weakest / disliked personal characteristic?

In this question, breathe a little and be realistic 🙂 According to the researches; The most answers to this question are “I worry about myself when I can’t get things done success.” and ” I get work in my center of life”. In addition, it will be useful to state the studies you have done and the trainings you have received to improve your weak / disliked aspect.

Best Answer

Well, as a recent graduate, I’d say my biggest weakness is the lack of real-life work experience.

While I’ve worked on a dozen software projects in the university, I don’t have the experience of working in a fully agile environment with an experienced team.

What do you know about this company/organization?

Interviewers wants to learn that your search activities and knowledge about company. Companies want to be investigated by the candidates. You must know the vision and mission of company, civil society initiatives, projects of company, board of management. You can search the company in search engine websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Best Answer

I know about your company for a long time. In my university life, I followed your projects as a best practise. I analyzed your organizational chart and strategic plan when I am working xxx company.

Why did you decide to leave your previous/current job?

This question test your gossip level 🙂 You resign or kicked out? Were you happy or unhappy at your previous job? If you complain your previous boss or conditions, it will be wrong answer. Also I advice you to not argue the salary issues at your previous job. Being fired from a job will make suspicious about you. So you must be honest about your answers because interviewers can get contact to your previous job. Don’tdenigrate your previous job at this question.

Best Answer

I worked as a project manager at my previous job, I was happy with working condition but I realized that Company X wasn’t giving me the growth opportunities I need at this stage of my career.

 How Do You Define Success, How Do You Measure Success?

The concept of success means different meanings to everyone. Success is money for some people, position is sometimes happiness for others. There is no answer to this question that we can define as right or wrong. You can tell success in a complicated way. For example, the success of my childhood dream was to become a doctor and now I can apply to your hospital as a successful doctor. When this question asked to you, you can tell the measurement of success as the indicators.

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