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Top 5 Presentation Softwares Sites

An activity that started from our student life and continues in our business life; Making a Presentation 🙂 In line with the subject given by the teacher at the universities, we can prepare motivation letters in the form of presentations for the class, customers and target audience in our workplace, to the audience at conferences, or even in the European Voluntary Service. However, it is a fact that if you are a basic user in the Office program, you are preparing uniform and uninteresting presentations in Powerpoint presentations! We have compiled the presentation tools for you to prepare more colorful, more remarkable and attractive presentations!



increasing the use Prezi in Turkey in recent years, offers many different alternatives for you to prepare presentations. How can you tell a lot in Prezi with very little presentation slide? Prezi wants you to think of a slide as a visually large diaper and allows you to tell your subject through interactive pages on one screen. “Zoom”, that is, zooming in and out, gives you unlimited freedom to switch between themes. Prezi offers you the opportunity to prepare presentations in its free version, but you can take advantage of all the features as a premium member for $ 5 per month.


Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a site where you can make great presentations with many ready-made templates and formats you can create. Especially if the presentation subject you are preparing is about education and business world, ready-made templates will be very useful for you. In Haiku Deck program, you can download photos for free and carry Youtube videos to your presentation. With the program compatible with Iphone and Ipad, you can also view your presentations in high quality on mobile.

Web Site:


You can sign animated presentations using Powtoon, although the full content is not available. You can prepare animated and lively presentations on the animation and short-line cinema creation site Powtoon. You should definitely use Powtoon for product promotions and advertisements!

Web Site:


SlideRocket is a system that offers you many alternatives in terms of presentation! With SlideRocket, you can create many presentations from scratch, transfer the presentations you have prepared in Powerpoint to the system and play with SlideRocket features.

Web Site:


Google Slides

Although it basically resembles Powerpoint, it enables Google to make simple presentations online without the need for a program. If you have a little time to make the presentation and you need a quick editing, Google Slides gives you the opportunity to prepare a basic presentation in a very short time. The compatibility of Google Slides with all Google tools also provides advantages in terms of mobile and cloud technology.

Web Site:


Although it is similar to Prezi, we can say that it is more professional and more managerial than Prezi. Emaze meets the needs of its users with frequent updates. Especially if you are in the private sector, you should definitely try the Emaze site in company presentations. Meanwhile the sample themes are really stylish, simple and easy to detail

Web Site:

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