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Best Career Ideas 2023

Career ideas changes from day to day because of technologic and work life developments. After graduation, when you decide to look for a job, you have lots of chances in work life. You can work in public sector, private sector, academist, entrepreneurship or freelancer. We explore the best career ideas with advantages and disadvantages.

Best Career Ideas 2023

Public Sector Career

Civil Service – Government Career

Being a civil servant has always been one of the favorite careers, but being a civil servant is just difficult. With the government exams and interviews, working in the state requires a lot of effort. You can work for the civil service with the motto “You’ll be comfortable with the government and has job guarantee. You can take advantage of this chance by taking exams both after high school and after university.


  • Timely pay, insurance and job quarantee unless you commit a disgraceful crime
  • Chances of advancement in government ranks, even if not in-house
  • Inflexible working hours, no overtime
  • Pension guarantee


  • Risk of lacking ability for doing a particular job
  • The monotony that came after a while and the thought of whether I should quit and work as entrepreuner.
  • little chance of advancement
  • Getting the same salary no matter how many units you work

Private sector

The rate of employment in the private sector is very high, many people continue their careers in the private sector. With various career opportunities and attractive salary options, you can find a career in the private sector. However, do not ignore that most people working in the private sector work for the minimum wage or wage.


  • In-house promotion opportunity
  • Opportunity to get bonus based on your work
  • Some high salary opportunities
  • Providing personal or career development through the work you do


  • Extremely flexible working hours
  • If it is not a corporate company, the salaries are not paid on time.
  • risk of being fired
  • Minimum wage or low wage problem in many places

Academic Career

Many students at universities are considering an academic career and aim to finish the university with a high grade point average. The process of becoming an academic, which is a long and difficult road, requires an intense study and research effort. If you want to make your way through academia, you’ll have to get used to the books and the crappy blue sky that rises into the morning.


  • Timely pay, insurance and no fear of losing a job unless you commit a disgraceful crime
  • Opportunity to do scientific research
  • Possibility of advancement and improvement.
  • Pension guarantee


  • Extremely flexible working hours
  • Mobbing in many departments, subordinate relationship imbalances
  • Getting the same salary no matter how many units you work
  • Not being able to retire mentally and spiritually even if you are officially retired

Freelance Career

If you say that working from home is great, and you do not like regular work, one of the sectors where you can turn your skills into money; do freelance work! You can do freelance work in many fields and you can earn a regular income. Freelancers are hired by Freelance companies on a part-time or short-term basis, but they do not earn the same salary or have the same level of commitment to a particular company as full-time employees. Free-time employees deliver the service to the employer until the determined delivery time after receiving the job. In this process, the employee can complete his work at home, in the office or in the work areas open to sharing, at any time.


  • No Boss!
  • Opportunity to work whenever you want
  • The more you work, the more chances to earn money.
  • Chance to set your vacation whenever you want


  • Extremely flexible working hours
  • Limited opportunities for self-development and advancement
  • Most jobs are uninsured
  • Extremely irregular income

Work Abroad

How to go abroad? This is one of the most asked questions we get! The number of people who want to go abroad is increasing every year, but it is getting harder day by day. A career abroad can be one of the most important milestones in your life because you will gain experience in the international arena.


  • Chance to learn and see new cultures
  • a salary in foreign currency
  • If you have a plan to return to hometown, job opportunities will increase when you return.
  • Improve your foreign language


  • Homeland longing 🙂
  • Longing for family 🙂
  • Don’t be treated like a first class citizen no matter what you do
  • A disciplined working environment, which is a very opposite situation for people with a Mediterranean spirit 🙂

If you want to examine career opportunities on the basis of profession, you can take a look at our articles below. As I conclude the article, my advice to you will not be “whatever you do, do it in the best way”. My advice is “Try to be happy no matter what you do” because if you talk to a civil servant, he/she is unhappy and wants to be an entrepreneur. It’s a bit like the married-single paradox. stay happy always 🙂

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