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Best Internships and Jobs Web Sites

Best Internships and jobs Web Sites for International Students

If you are a international student who is looking for a job or internship but do not know to where to start, these websites perfect for you!


When you start your career, LinkedIn will become an important part of your online presence. It not only allows you to create industry-standard professional profiles, but also allows you to search for internships and jobs directly from your website or application. Just go to LinkedIn’s regular job search area. There, just enter “internship” and your specific keywords (such as “hospital internship”, “business internship”, “financial internship”), and more!

Web Site: /

Name says it all. If you are looking for internship opportunities abroad, this is where you start looking. The overseas internship program will not only allow you to live and work in Paris, Antarctica or Bali, but you will also have excellent international work experience, which will definitely be reflected in your resume for the next few years. However, please keep in mind that many foreign internships require you to pay (accommodation, food, etc.).

Web Site:


It is not just one of the best job search websites. It is also a good website for looking for internship opportunities. When searching for internships on Indeed, they get the most search results.

Web Site:

Career Builder

It will show you recruitment information based on your resume keywords, and you can also get a report showing how you compare with other candidates in the field.

Web Site:

For finding remote work in different industries. This is a great working committee for applicants looking to work remotely or from home.

Web Site:


An online platform for students, recent graduates and young professionals. There are over 5 million job and internship listings on our app, as well as thousands of scholarship opportunities. We are fast becoming one of the best job search sites for students and young professionals. You can also get volunteer opportunities and personal development courses to improve your professional skills, so log in now and start looking!

Web Site:

ErasmusIntern provides an integrated market place that aims at bringing together internship providers and students seeking an internship opportunity abroad.

Web Site:


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