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15 Daily Habits Highly Productive People

How very successful people achieve their success is a common question people often ask. One answer to this question may be hidden in the daily habits they have adopted – but what exactly are the habits and what are these habits successfully associated with?

Habit is any regular practice or behavior. In this context, it means that successful people adopt daily habits that make it possible to realize their dreams. This is because habits can help you develop proper discipline, as well as develop the discipline you need to succeed.

Bringing new habits to your daily life may seem scary at first, but this is something you can overcome. It starts with deciding which habits or habits you want to acquire, making promises to do for at least thirty days, and changing them when necessary. The process will not always be easy and stable, but the potential benefits that come with it do not end with counting.

Here are the 15-day habits of very successful people:

Get up early.

Getting up early can be difficult, especially if you don’t see yourself as a morning person. However, waking up before sunrise can allow you to start the day well and keep things on track.

One of the successful people who woke up before 6 am, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook starts the day at 3.45 am.

It is also known that people like Michelle Obama and Bill McNabb (head of the Vanguard group) wake up in the early morning light.

While all of these people are extremely successful, it is quite normal to wonder if the early getting-up habits really are the source of their success. While getting up early on some mornings hurts more than anything, how can getting up early really be beneficial?

When you get up early, having time to resume your morning habits will be one of the answers. Also, as mentioned in the previous section, it gives you the chance to keep your first hours after waking up for your personal development, or in the form of another creative project.

Unlike competing against time, you are likely to feel in control of your day, as you get up early, sleep until noon.

Meditate every morning.

If you haven’t cared before and wonder what this excitement is for, you’ve heard a lot about meditation.

Meditation is an exercise in which you use techniques to improve your attention and awareness. The main purpose of meditation is to make yourself mentally calm and emotionally stable.

You may be interested to know that Oprah, one of the world’s most successful media managers, actresses and talk show program hosts, meditates in the morning. He meditates every day, and it seems that he has discovered that meditation gives him a feeling of happiness as well as pleasure. Both of these can definitely be a good base to start the day and achieve your goals – especially if you want to be like Oprah. Don’t we all want it anyway?

According to Healthline, meditation is a way to increase your attention span and reduce stress, allowing you to be more productive and do your work more easily throughout the day.

For those who are new to meditation, start by relaxing and preparing to sit for a few minutes. Then focus your attention on your breathing and listen to your breath for at least two minutes.

Have a healthy breakfast.

When it comes to success, what you eat is important. Maybe that is why very successful people include a healthy breakfast in their daily habits.

Simon Cowell, the beloved creator and jury of X-Factor, says that he started the day with lemon papaya juice, oatmeal and two smoothies. He also has a habit of drinking a cup of tea every day, which calms him down and focuses on him – as mentioned earlier, when combined with meditation, it’s quite effective.

If you woke up early enough to have breakfast, you probably didn’t sleep too late

– Unless you eat pancakes at 3 noon, you enjoy such a situation.

Plan your day.

Planning your day early helps you know your day’s goals precisely, manage your time better and avoid getting lost in the comfort that surrounds you (such as watching TV unless it is one of the goals you set).

Take a notebook and write down what you want to accomplish, like brainstorming about your tasks during this time, like thinking about the pros. This is a great way to revive your creative side, start your mind quickly and prepare it for great things.

Follow the 80/20 rule.

The 80/20 rule, also known as the ‘Pareto Principle’, states that 80% of outputs are the result of 20% of activities. In this scenario, giving priority to your tasks and focusing on the most important things should give you a better output.

You will spend less time on small things, give all your energy to things that are more important to you, and as a result, you will achieve them first.

You don’t have to worry about going back to things that you don’t focus on or trust yourself about the work you’re producing, because of course you’ve been busy with them all the time.

When you put everything you have purposefully at that 20%, you save time, emotional energy and more.

Focusing on less or just one big thing at a time can help minimize procrastination because you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Schedule tasks on your calendar.

Some of the successful people have decided to get rid of the traditional to-do lists and program everything early.

Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of The Art Charm, recommends using a calendar that splits your entire day into 15-minute blocks. This can eliminate stress and anxiety when you see things that have not been done on your list yet. You have a specific program to handle everything – you can also add new things to your list, especially every morning, meditating with a warm tea in a calm environment.

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn in May 2012, it may be worth a try, since only 41% of the things to do are actually done.

Take time for your emails.

The average office worker is said to receive 121 emails every day. Take a certain amount of time for your emails and stick to this time in your schedule so your day will not pass by checking and answering emails.

While some people prefer to check their e-mails in the morning, others may choose to do this in the afternoon, or perhaps take a look at them all day long. Coming to the main idea, it is not efficient for anyone to refresh your e-mail every 10 minutes and to open and close the tab. Doing this can help you increase your productivity and focus on more important tasks.

If you want to see your progress and succeed, it is important to observe where your time is going. Whether it’s a spreadsheet at your workplace or the ropes of the macromen hanging on your wall, as a result, you want to show the most efficiency and impact on what you have.

Take time for the things you care about.

Being so caught up in the desire to succeed can prevent you from a balanced life. To stay balanced, don’t forget to keep in touch with people and the things you love by bringing more self-care and awareness to your daily routine.

Failure to do so may cause you to neglect your decision support system or what you do not know before you know, what makes you yourself. You may not even be unhappy – but neither emotionally nor spiritually you may feel completely there.

For some, family time is a priority, but not for others. Whatever it is, add it to your daily habits and apply it regularly.



Periodically move away from your electronic devices.

In this technological age, where a lot of distractions come to you every day, it is quite easy to lose your relationship with yourself.

Some of the ways in which successful people move away from their electrical devices include eliminating the need to respond to messages instantly, simplifying the fun time and doing absolutely nothing.

You can customize this habit for you, such as turning off all your electronic devices an hour before bedtime, or taking the time to keep a diary in the morning, writing, drawing or something else not based on technology.

Some people even use laptop computers, phones, TVs, etc. only when needed. You can choose to continue using technological devices like – not including refreshing the page for no reason. No matter how you get away, just make sure you create time for yourself so you can rest mentally and reach your goals with an open mind.


Exercise has endless benefits, and this may be the answer to why so many successful people are on the daily to-do list. Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, said he started the day early so he could give priority to exercising.

Exercise can be the key to success as it is said to improve your cognitive functioning. In addition, exercising can help you increase your mental strength, which is something you need to overcome the obstacles you may encounter. This actually explains that exercise has a lot of benefits for your body as well as good for your mind.

Anyone who exercise regularly confirms that they experience increased self-confidence when they can push their body beyond their limits. It also nourishes the body with endorphins and other things that increase one’s heart rhythm, while acting as a confidence enhancer.

If you want to be successful in any career, this skill is necessary so that you can push yourself and continue even if things are difficult. Training yourself to exercise every day is only possible if you make an effort.

Read it often.

Adult life can be so intense that you can rarely find time to read a book. One of the famous people who take reading seriously is Warren Buffet, who spends 80% of his day on reading. His philosophy of life is that when you read, knowledge grows like compound interest.

Very successful people tend to prefer educational books rather than bestseller, so be selective in the books you read with that in mind – however, it will not hurt you to enjoy fantasy, fiction and other genres.

Start a hobby.

When you think about your daily habits, creativity may not come to you as a form of self-care or may not seem emotionally important. In fact, people sometimes get stuck with things like reading and exercising because they forget the importance of relaxation.

The creative hobbies you add to your daily habits can be anything that pumps your blood and prepares your mind for creativity.

If you are not sure which hobby to choose, use the activities you enjoy the most as a guide, explore your new hobby areas by allowing your ideas and interests to develop and starting from this guide. Do you like knitting? Try to make macrame. Do you like playing video games? Try reading more comics.

Keep it daily.

Keeping track of your feelings and thoughts is another habit worth trying. Keeping a diary at least once a day is one of the simplest ways to do this.

Keeping a diary helps you develop your emotional intelligence, because you force yourself to reflect your emotions and give meaning to your emotions. This means that you will be more aware and mindful of yourself, and as a result, you can interact better with other people.

It is also worth noting that diaries can be used for other purposes, such as tracking progress in personal or career goals.

Moreover, there are many different ways to keep a diary and it does not necessarily have to be in a physical ledger. You can write mobile applications, browser extensions, etc. that you can write at any time. You can investigate. Some people cut and collect images from different places, turn them into notebooks or create photo books, and make daily amounts – whatever is right for you. Do not try to put yourself in a mold that is not suitable for you.

Motivate yourself.

There was a morning routine of Steve Jobs looking at him in the mirror and asking:

” … if today is the last day of my life, what do I want to do and am I about to do this today? ”

This question was enough to motivate him. Consider how you can motivate yourself.

Motivation is both an intrinsic and extrinsic emotion – and if you’re just looking for extrinsic motivation, it means you’ll be stuck on a raft without a paddle when the pool dries.

The ability to self-motivate on a regular basis may not have been innate for everyone, and probably many people haven’t done it yet – and it’s important to understand that being able to self-motivate is not a natural but learned skill. It only requires constant practice and sometimes a bit of “imitate until you can.”

Developing the habit of asking yourself questions about your goal is a way to motivate yourself. You can try positive verifications to create positive energy and help you focus – whatever you choose, make sure it works for you, even if it doesn’t work for anyone!

Take a notebook with you.

You never know when inspiration will come, so always keep a notebook with you. This gives you a chance to jot down notes and ideas that you would otherwise forget.

You can have many notebooks and place them in your daily bag, office and wherever you are regularly. When you write everything, you know that your best ideas are in a safe place.

Some people may choose to keep this opinion book separate from their diaries, and others may be happier than combining all their experiences and ideas in one place – find what works best for you.

You may not even want to use a physical notebook, just as you don’t want a physical journal – and it’s no problem! The App Store is packed with lots of apps that let you take notes and write your thoughts in other ways when you think of it.

Final Result

Surely there are more than 15 habits that will lead you to success, but what is mentioned in this list is a good start.

You should start to see that you are consistently turning towards the successful person you always intended to be.

Try many different things and be honest with yourself what works and what doesn’t. Very soon, you will have your own habits to help you become the person you think of as a successful person – and it will be different from everyone else. Just don’t give up. Good luck!

Gökhan Turgut Ünal

Studyingram Editor

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