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8 Best Books for Entrepreneurs


How To Win Friends and Influence People

The advice in this book, which has been proven over time, has been read by millions of people for over fifty years, has brought tens of thousands of famous people to the top of the ladder of success in both business and private lives.

“The Art of Winning Friends and Affecting People” was revised and adapted to the present to ensure that readers in the competition and confusion of 2000s reached their peak.

When you read this book; You will learn how to make people like you and come to a consensus with you, to change them without breaking and hurt them, and you will see that life has become easier for you

Author: Dale Carnegie




Think and Grow Rich

Imagine a secret that has been passed on for centuries. It is a secret that only the richest and the strongest transfer to each other. It’s a true secret that tells the method of having all dreams. After investigating this secret, which he met in the early 1900s, Napoleon Hill came up with a thirteen-step formula that worked the secret. Anyone who succeeds in applying the formula in this book, which brings important thought innovations to business life as well as daily life, can achieve their goals. How do you define a target that creates a “Igniter Desire”, the starting point of all successes? How can you strengthen your “Faith” by reviving the desired goal in the mind? How would you program your subconscious for your success with “Self-Impulse”? What “Stability” should you show to overcome the procrastination? How would you use the driving effect of the “Brain Power Group” to achieve your goal? How would you use the “Mysterious Energy of Sexuality” for your success? How do you reveal the “Unlimited Potential of Your Brain”? How can you reach the temple of wisdom by strengthening your “Sixth Sense”? How do you deal with your “Fears”, the biggest obstacle to your success? The answer to all these questions and more is in this book.

Author: Napoleon Hill



Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki refutes the myth that you must have high income to get rich, especially in a world where technology, robots and a global economy are changing the rules.
It teaches why getting and creating active investments can be more important than a high salary, tax benefits that business owners and investors enjoy. It challenges your home to be an active investment; As the real estate bubble bursts and the high-interest mortgage debacle has intensified, as millions of people have learned directly.
It reminds us why we should not trust what school systems teach about money, and explains why this important ability is more important than it is today.

“Rich Father Poor Father is a starting point for those who want to take control of their financial future.” –USA TODAY

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki



The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen R. Covey, who adopts a principle-centered approach to the solution of personal, professional and family problems and is one of the pioneers of the total quality understanding, determines the habits that enable us to keep up with change for a decent, honest, harmonious, peaceful, successful life. shows ways to reach the wisdom and power required to take advantage of the opportunities created by change.

Author: Stephen R. Covey




The $100 Startup

“With the $ 100 Start, you will put one and win two: This book will encourage you to make your dreams come true and once you hit the road, it will provide you with a roadmap to find your way. If you’re not ready to start the $ 100 Startup and still start your own business, return and read the book once again! ” —Daniel H. Pink “Chris Guillebeau shows in this valuable guide that turning an idea into a successful business might be easier than you think. On the one hand, you can continue your current life while thinking about whether your ideas will be successful or not. You will of course decide which ideas are worth your time, but this book can help you wake up every morning to take the next step with excitement. ”

The main theme of the book tells how to start a business with $ 100. The most striking part is; to find areas where our people have the ability to match what other people want to spend money on. It touches on how to turn these areas into work. The book consists of 3 parts. The writer tells the stories of people who started their own business with $ 100 from all over the world besides the experiences that each part acquired and applied.

Author: Chris Guillebeau



Intelligent Investor

As you might guess, this book is not for those who dream of being rich in the short term and speculators. However, whether you are a passive investor who seeks to protect his savings and provide rational returns with reasonable risks, or an active investor who aims to achieve higher returns by spending the necessary effort and time on the markets, you will see that you have achieved extraordinary results.

It is unusual that a book written 45 years ago in a difficult and competitive field like investment is still at the top of the bestseller lists today, but Benjamin Graham is also an extraordinary writer. Graham, who is the mentor and creator of the “value investment” school of famous investors such as Warren Buffett, David Abrams, and Walter Schloss, who have achieved above-average returns even in the long run, is also a good writer who can express his ideas openly and with his own money, bringing above average. was a good investor. In this book, you will find the most qualified and understandable explanation of the principles that guide successful investors from the mouth of their masters.

Author: Benjamin Graham , Jason Zweig , Warren Buffett



Outliers The Story of Success

There is a story about successful people; They are said to be smart and ambitious. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell claims that the real story of success is very different from this, and we need to look more carefully into their environment to understand why some people are successful. For example, their families, birth places and even birth dates… The story of success is more complex and much more interesting than it looks at first. It explains why their resumes are the same and why you don’t even hear the name of the smartest man in the world. All of these are explained in terms of generations, family, culture and class. According to Gladwell’s claim, if you want to become a Silicon Valley billionaire, which year; If you want to be a successful pilot, it is very important where you were born. The lives of those out of line — that is, those who have achieved success beyond normal expectations — follow a strange and unusual logic. While Gladwell simplifies this logic, it offers an exciting plan on how to make the most of one’s own potential. Malcolm Gladwell changed the way we understand the world in his Tipping Point book, he changed our thinking about thinking in Blink. In Outliers, it changes our understanding of success.

Author: Malcolm Gladwell


Gökhan Turgut Ünal

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