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8 Best Reading Application For Bookworm

The world has changed, now we can read from our mobile phones or tablets instead of carrying thick books. These applications take the weight of your bag from you. Think of all the books you carry. You can access thousands of them on your mobile phone. You can take your readings without hesitation in a boring bus journey, Metro or taxi.

Whether a novel, a memoir or a blog post, you can enjoy reading with 8 free apps we’ll share with you.

  1. Amazon kindle
  2. FBReader
  3. ReadEra
  4. KyBook 3
  5. Moon+ Reader
  6. Libera
  7. Kobo books
  8. Aldiko book reader

Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is one of the most popular apps that include in its own store a thousand e-books, comics and magazines. İt’s available on Android and İOS devices too. İnstead reading a book you can take a notes or leave marks. Also when you closed the apps you can find the last page and continue your reading. Such features remain saved even if you sign in on a different device. So you can use this application on different devices.

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Fbreader is a free e-book reader. It can synchronize your library, bookmarks and reading positions through Book Network, a Google Drive ™ based cloud service. FBReader is fast and customizable. You can choose colors, font face, size, animations, bookmarks,etc. This reader also includes a browser / downloader to access different ebook catalogs and stores. Various popular English, French, Russian, Chinese and Polish libraries are included.

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With more than 5 million downloads, ReadEra has done a really great job, scoring 4.9 out of 300,000 reviews. The application, which supports almost every format you can think of, allows you to read e-books offline and without registration. The application is not used to download e-books. It allows you to import and read different documents into the application.

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KyBook 3

KyBook 3 ebook reader is speacial for Iphone(İOS) users, and is loved by its users. The application has screen brightness, font size and screen mode adjustment features. The application, which is also used to download e-books, uploads the downloaded books to common virtual storage areas such as Google Drive and iCloud. You can also categorize your books.

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Moon+  Reader

Moon reader has 4.3 score and especially its necessary to suggest to love reading a english books or people who want to learn english. Because there are thousands of free books. İnstead of that it support ebooks that you bought from different libraries. Quoting, marking and note taking features of the application are especially useful. Moon + Reader also has a Pro version.

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After you download your ebooks, you can read them with Librera. More than 10 million downloaded applications stand out with their stylish and modern design. Moreover, there are different modes in itself. For example, for those who want to learn English, there are features such as reading the text aloud and looking at the dictionary. In addition, there are possibilities such as night mode and font size adjustment for ease of reading.

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Kobo Books

Kobo books has 4.4 score in play store and with more than four million free e-books, Kobo also has  special features that you will love. For example, you can share notes, quotes and marks you take on e-books you have read on social media whenever you want. You can also have conversations on e-books with others from within the application.

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Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader has 4.1 score in google play store and is also a great application for reading book. It provides several options to adjust font size, font face and background setting to suit the reader’s needs. Also you can open PDF and ePUB formats with Aldiko.

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Zeynep Ateş

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