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AEGEE – Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe (European Students’ Forum) is a student association. It promotes the idea of an unified Europe, cross-border co-operation, communication, integration among students and strives to create an open and tolerant society of tomorrow.
AEGEE is an interdisciplinary, voluntary, non-governmental, politically independent and non-profit making association. It is represented in 200 university cities, in 40 countries all around Europe.
Its main field of action covers peace and stability, higher education, active citizenship and cultural exchange.

Each year “Summer Universities” are held by most of the AEGEE local groups (called antennae) in order to promote intercultural understanding. Students can travel to an antenna in another country.
To be able to apply for a Summer University you need to be a member of an AEGEE local, (check also the Map of Locals).

Summer Universities are on average two weeks long events that take place during summer in most of the cities where AEGEE is present. Understanding and exploring the multicultural dimension of the European continent, fighting for tolerance and creating open-minded citizens who are not afraid to share their opinion in an open discussion about the future of Europe, are some of the reasons why 30 young Europeans come together in each Summer University to taste the diversity of European integrity.
The summer university consists of different kinds of programmes: Summer Course; Summer Course Plus; Travelling Summer University; Short Summer Course.

How to apply 

1.   Go to the official website of the Summer University Project and log in with your MyAEGEE account. Then click on “Fill in Application Form” under “Applicants”.
2.   In the first step you’ll review your personal data from your MyAEGEE account. Here also you’ll have to write your previous AEGEE experience (if any) and describe how would be your ideal Summer University.
3.   In the second step you’ll have to write a different motivation letter for each of the SUs you chose in the previous step.
4.   In the last step you’ll view a summary of your application.

The application fee is maximum 14€ per day (with a few exceptions). It includes lodging, breakfast and at least one warm meal per day, workshops, activities and social programme.

Deadline: 20 April 2020, 13:00 CET.

Selection results will be published until 4 May 2020, 13:00 CET.

Find out more here.

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