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Record Increase in Asylum Seekers from Turkey to Germany

According to the report published in Deutsche Welle Record Increase in Asylum Seekers from Turkey to Germany, the number of Turkish citizens applying for asylum in Germany in 2022 reached a record of 20,802. We would like to remind you that since we are still in 2022, this figure covers January – November data, and the applications made in December are not included in the statistics.

216% increase in asylum applications

It was observed that 19,754 of the 20,802 asylum applications made to Germany between January-November 2022 were made for the first time. The asylum seekers applications number stayed at 6,254 last year. When the number of asylum applications made last year is compared with the number of applications made this year, it was determined that there was a 216 percent increase in asylum applications.

The place of Turkey in asylum applications within other countries

In 2022 asylum applications, Turkey surpassed countries such as Iraq, Georgia, Iran, Somalia, Eritrea, Moldova, and Georgia, and ranked third after Syria and Afghanistan.

The main reasons for asylum applications from Turkey

The most common reasons heard in interviews are increasing political repression and the deteriorating economic situation, with people saying that they saw no hope for a future in Turkey.

People around me who came to Germany with asylum application

During my studentship between 2018 and 2021, my network was based on other students like me. Nowadays, by joining professional life in Germany and I know new people and my network is expanding. I realized more people who come here with different conditions and some of them came with asylum application. Since the answer of question might be very sensitive and personal, I have never asked them why they defected to Germany. However, I realized most of the Turkish people live in my city (Hagen) are refugees.

Did I come to Germany with an asylum application?

No. After I graduated from my Bachelor Degree in Turkey, I came to Germany for my Master’s Degree. When I successfully completed my Master Degree in the University of Bonn, I applied for a job seeking visa that is my legal right after my graduation. Then, I found a job related to my study within legal time period. That is why I currently live in Germany.

The Examination of a Turkish with Germany: German Citizenship Conditions

Would I come to Germany with an asylum application?

During my employment for one year in Turkey, I realized the hard working conditions not only in terms of purchasing power but also in terms of never-ending working hours. However, I would not have liked to come to Germany with asylum application for economic reasons if I had not had the opportunity to come to Germany by education. Applying for asylum is a big decision and brings other conditions like not going back to your home country again. Thus, I would not prefer to leave my legal right to see my family and friends on my vacations completely.

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