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Best Free Online Language Courses

Language education has become quite common online in recent years and free online language training is offered by many institutions for free. Many institutions originating from America and England provide language education to students free of charge. We have compiled the best tutorials from different sites in different languages for you!

Irish 101: An Introduction to Irish Language and Culture

Get an introduction to Ireland’s culture by learning the basics of the Irish language.

Learn the basics of Irish language

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to speak Irish, this course is the ideal place to start. You’ll master some of the basics of Irish, including greetings, introductions, Irish names, numbers, and other essentials.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the origins and cultural significance of one of the oldest literary languages in Europe.

Improve your Irish pronunciation

If you’re hoping to understand the basics of Irish pronunciation, this course gives you the chance to do so. As well as looking at things like Irish blessings and curses, you’ll also delve into some of the naming conventions used in the language.

Web Site:


Introduction to Frisian

Learn to speak, write and understand the second official language of the Netherlands with this free introductory language course.

Did you know that, besides Dutch, a second official language is spoken in the Netherlands? It’s a language even more closely related to English than Dutch. This language is called Frisian.

Web Site:

Introduction to Norwegian 2

Learn to write, speak, and understand intermediate Norwegian with this fun and engaging four-week course.

Improve your basic knowledge of Norwegian and learn more about life in Oslo

If you have reached an A1-proficiency level in the Norwegian language, continue to build your skills with this course for advanced beginners.

On this course, you will learn how to have simple conversations in Norwegian with family and friends, and handle a variety of everyday situations, like shopping, leisure time, and travelling. You will improve your grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary with the support of engaging videos, practical exercises, and a chatbot. Introduction to Norwegian 2 is a continuation of The University in Oslo’s language course.

Web Site:

Chinese Education

A live introduction to Mandarin Chinese in 10 short chapters with lectures and video clips.

a slideshow with key language

pronunciation and grammar tips

cultural notes

English for Academic Study

Prepare to study at university, explore the qualities of a successful student, and learn key vocabulary in an academic context.

Increase your knowledge of English for academic study

If you are preparing to study at a university where the first language is English, this course aims to help you understand what is expected, develop skills to help you learn independently, and build your confidence.

You will have the opportunity to review the key vocabulary and concepts used in a university setting, and discover what tutors expect from students. You will also have the opportunity to practise skills to help you expand your vocabulary for an academic setting, including tools to help you pronounce new words.

Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate

Develop your basic English skills for use in everyday situations and build more confidence in your reading and listening skills.

Learn to use and understand everyday English

Are you looking to improve your English language skills so you can study or work in an English-speaking country?

On this 4-week course from King’s College London, you will build your English skills, develop your use of English in a wider range of everyday situations and grow your listening ability.

By the end of the course, you will feel more confident in your ability to speak and understand basic English.

Learn how to describe your town, ask for directions and talk about activities

On this course, you’ll learn how to talk about what you did at the weekend and learn lots of new vocabulary. You’ll also discover how to ask for directions and read a map correctly.

You’ll experience going to a shop and learn what to say to the shop assistant. In the final week, the focus will be university. This will be a chance for you to discover some useful phrases and learn which questions to ask when you arrive.

Improve your English grammar

Grammar can be complicated in English, but we’re here to guide you. You’ll learn how to form the past tense, ask questions using the past tense and use irregular verbs.

You’ll practise prepositions of place and movement when asking for directions, and learn about comparatives and the zero conditional when shopping.

Boost your English listening skills

Throughout the course, you’ll have many opportunities to listen to others speak in English, which will help you to improve. To check how well you listen to conversations, you will be asked questions about what you hear.

Web Site:


Understanding IELTS

This course focuses on the Listening, Reading and Writing test. You will explore the format of the test and develop learning strategies that will help you tackle the different types of tasks you will encounter.

You will also learn general English listening strategies that will help you deal with complex texts on unconventional topics you will encounter in your IELTS studies.





Introduction to Korean

Develop your understanding of the Korean language and explore Korean culture.

Find out how to speak Korean more fluently.

This online course will improve your Korean communication skills and give you a taste of Korean culture. This course follows the course Introduction to Korean.

On this course, you’ll improve your understanding of Korean phrases, greetings, vocabulary, numbers, spelling and grammar. This course is composed not only of the explanation and presentation of culture but also the activities related to the Korean language.

By the end of the course, you’ll have improved your ability to have real Korean conversations.

Web Site:


Introduction to Italian

Learn basic Italian and explore Italian culture, with this free online Italian course.

Explore the language and culture of Italy

Have you been dreaming of visiting cities like Venice, Rome and Florence? Have you always wanted to learn Italian and explore Italian culture? If so, this course is perfect for you.

Over six weeks you’ll start to learn Italian online: developing the skills to interact in common conversational situations. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself, answer simple questions, ask for information, and talk about your interests, food and clothes.

You’ll develop your listening and speaking skills through watching short videos which introduce common spoken Italian, vocabulary and grammar patterns.

English for the Workplace

This course for English learners helps you to develop the language you need to find a job and succeed in the workplace.

Develop your workplace English skills

This course is for people who are learning English and are interested in developing English language skills for employability and workplace contexts. It will help job seekers and young professionals with the English they need.

Each week, we’ll focus on key aspects of English for the workplace. You’ll watch videos and listen to audio recordings of people in various situations. This includes those searching and applying for jobs, preparing for and taking interviews, and those starting their new jobs and working with new colleagues.

Our experienced tutor will examine some of the language used and draw your attention to useful points to improve your English in workplace contexts.

Learn some key business English vocabulary

The course does not follow a language syllabus but takes workplace English as its starting point. It offers functional language phrases and real, authentic workplace scenarios. Short quizzes and discussions will help you measure your understanding and practise your English.

As you progress through the various topics, you’ll learn plenty of business English vocabulary and workplace English expressions that you can use at work and when applying for jobs.

Improve your skills in English at work

As well as practising workplace English and learning some workplace English expressions, you’ll examine what makes a successful job application and interview.

Throughout the course, you’ll be asked to share your opinions, ideas and questions with other learners. The best way to get the most out of the course is to be prepared to join in and share your experiences.

Web Site:

Getting started with Spanish 1

If you want to learn a new language for work or for leisure, this free course will introduce you to one of the most widely spoken languages in the world – Spanish. Whether this is the first time that you are learning Spanish, or you have already picked up some words and phrases from travelling across the Spanish-speaking world, this course is for you.

This introduction offers the perfect opportunity to develop the skills needed to communicate effectively in Spanish in everyday contexts.

This OpenLearn course is an extract from the beginning of the Open Centre for Languages and Cultures short course, LXS001 Beginners Spanish 1: ¡Empezamos!.  After completing this free course, you may wish to register for the full course to continue your learning.

Web Site:

How to learn a language

Interested in learning a second language but don’t know where to start? Learn about the concepts and skills required to learn languages successfully in this free course, How to learn a language.

This course will introduce you to the skills and strategies you need for language learning. You will be encouraged to set realistic goals when learning a language, and you will be given advice on how to keep motivated to achieve these goals. You will practise speaking skills and vocabulary learning strategies.

You will watch videos featuring other language learners to learn from their experience and the three course authors will share their top tips on how to successfully learn another language.

Watch the following video in which one of the authors, Open University academic Fernando Rosell-Aguilar, introduces the course further.

Web Site:

Getting started with German 1

Approximately 100 million people speak German as their mother tongue. Now associated with economic success, science and technology, German has a longstanding reputation as the language of poets and thinkers.

This course will introduce you to the language skills you need to start understanding and using German, which is widely used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This introduction offers an excellent opportunity to develop the skills needed to effectively communicate in German in everyday contexts!

German Basic

German Basic 2

Intermediate German

Advanced German

French Courses

This free course is aimed at Elementary and Intermediate French: Understanding Spoken French, intermediate French learners who are interested in language and culture. By completing a variety of activities, you will develop your active use of the language and develop confidence to access more audio-visual resources and take your French studies to a higher level.

Web Site:


Do you want to speak better English? This course will help you reach that goal. Speak English Professionally: In person, Online and On the Phone will boost your English speaking skills. In this 5 week course, you will learn how to identify and make a strong personal introduction. You will develop and demonstrate the speaking skills for group discussions: how to agree or disagree, how to clarify, restate and summarize. You will review and practice how to give information and respond to requests on the phone. You will study and role play effective interviewing. You will prepare and give a sales “pitch”, introducing a product or service. Throughout the course, you will adjust how you speak English and you will become more fluent and accurate when you speak. You will demonstrate culturally appropriate body language and tone. As you work through the course, you will complete self- and peer-evaluations. Through a combination of lectures, comprehension and vocabulary quizzes, practice and performance, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to communicate well in English, anywhere in the world.

By the end of this course you will: • Change how you speak English • Improve your pronunciation and fluency • Increase your English vocabulary • Identify how culture influences your speech • Use culture to help you speak correctly • Demonstrate the best body language for different cultural settings • Know statements, questions and responses for different settings and situations.

Web Site:

Russian for beginners 1. Русский язык: A1

Russian is considered to be one of the world’s most difficult languages. This course is aimed at helping those who are interested in understanding the basics of Russian language. Every unit of the course consists of several parts explaining vocabulary, phonetics (pronunciation), grammar, and provides examples of simple dialogues in Russian.

Upon completion of the course students will have learned: the structure of simple narrative and interrogative sentences; the formation of Russian names; the three genders of nouns; the difference between Russian adjectives and adverbs, and their uses; the use of verbs in the Present and Past tense as well as their conjugation.
The course contains more than 100 new words and conversational phrases providing the learner with a basic vocabulary for everyday communication.

Web Site:

Japanese Language

This free online Japanese language diploma course will teach you about the fundamental aspects of the Japanese language. Japanese is spoken by over 120 million people worldwide, not only in Japan but also in large migrant communities in the US, Brazil, and across East Asia. If you want to travel to Japan, learn about Japanese culture, or interact with Japanese people, this course will help you get up and running with some basic Japanese.

Web Site:

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