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Best German Learning Websites

Best German Learning Websites make easier your German language journey. You can find lots of texts, courses, online applications, source materials and German podcasts. Learning German language will provide positive effect for your CV and career. Also your culture will achieve more values by the Great German history.

Best German Learning Websites



Duolingo is a great website for German learners at the beginning level. Short exercises, fun tests and visual applications will increase your motivation for beginning. Learn German in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work.

Duolingo Website


Improve your German reading, listening, speaking and writing skills with Busuu Complete German course. If you’re considering taking a trip to a German-speaking country, you might like our German for Travel course. Busuu specialised German Pronunciation lessons will guide you through the German alphabet and its various sounds. You can take trial lessons to check quality of Busuu.

Busuu Website


Is your learning method visual and face to face? Italki offers quality teachers to learn German and you can take trial version of Italki. The best way to start learning German basic grammar and vocabulary online with help from native German tutors. Learn business German and open up amazing opportunities by speaking one of the most popular business languages in Europe.

Italki Website


Discover the best way to learn German, including immersive, practical learning from the very first lesson by Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone encourages learning foundational concepts first. Each lesson includes practical exercises that get you speaking German. You can try trial version of RosettaStone.


Learn German – online, simple, independently and for free! 10 tables build up an overview of basic German grammar. Basic verb forms and an introduction to German syntax are presented in a simple and understandable way. This German course was compiled with total beginners in mind.

Actilingua Website


Want to start speaking German from your first lesson? You will! GermanPd101 lessons take you by the hand and guide you through real German conversations. Learning for travel or love? Want to focus on reading, writing, grammar or culture? You get lessons based on your goals and needs.

GermanPod101 Website

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