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In HotCourses Turkey, the process is in your hands, you can find the university, department and higher education type with the online search engine, you can download their brochures and you can contact them directly. Of course, HotCourses Turkey team is with you for any questions you have!

When you enter the site, the interface with a simple design does not confuse you. With the “Find the Best Course” option on the homepage, you can go directly to your destination with an easy search engine. In this section, options are listed for you according to the department, university and type of education you choose. The sections are listed one by one at the bottom of the homepage, and when you select your department, you will see all the information about the department in which countries and detailed information. Under the selection of the department, there are countries where HotCourses Turkey offers you training opportunities. USA and Canada in North America, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Germany and France in Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea in other parts of the world, Australia and New Zealand HotCourses Countries available in Turkey. When you scroll down to the subsections on the home page, the “Suggestions, Tips and Guidance” section brings you blog posts about many countries. Blog posts range from visa processes, application processes, country characteristics to social life.

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT went live in 1998, responding to the call of an ever-growing international student population. These sites have evolved into the International Student Network, currently the leading online resource for international students around the world. The purpose of the site is to enable students to pursue their dreams of seeing the world and improving their educational experience. They have many options to assist students in every way imaginable to ensure they succeed in their international education endeavors. A great website, especially if you are thinking about studying in America!

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Spending time abroad not only fulfills academic goals, but also allows you to experience a new culture, language and environment. Going through all the details may seem overwhelming, but luckily, GoAbroad is here to help! With a directory of more than 30,000 study abroad programs and all kinds of helpful tools, it’s easy to make your study abroad dreams come true! Just enter the site and access many programs, including online trainings with a search engine.

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EDUCATIONS.COM is the global online meeting point for students and schools in more than 210 countries. Here, prospective students can quickly and easily find relevant information about study abroad options, while schools and higher education institutions can effectively reach the right audience. It also has more than 4,000 options in terms of online education options, which increased with the pandemic period!




Our easy-to-use search tools make it easy to find your perfect course. StudyLink provides a large database of courses from universities around the world. Use our course search to find the right course for you and contact the course provider directly.

If you are looking for detailed and up-to-date information about education abroad, you have come to the right place. If you’re looking for information about visa requirements or funding options, you’ll find all the advice you need to start studying abroad here.

Powerful Course Search
Our course search tool gives you access to thousands of courses from institutions around the world. Course search is always at your fingertips – use the search bar in the top menu or use the search form at the top of each page.

Save Your Favorite Courses
We make it easy for you to create a short list of courses you want to study. When you want to review your list, save each course you want to remember and log into your account.



The thought of moving abroad can be overwhelming, but the benefits of learning a new language, understanding a different culture, and experiencing life from a different perspective will probably have one of the most positive effects on you, your career and your future.
All the information you need to find the right university and program for you and your budget is available on the site. The website is completely free for you to use as it is funded by universities all over the world.

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Author: Gökhan Turgut Ünal

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  1. The department has competent and committed faculty which encourages students` involvement in various co-curricular activities along with their academics. The department also takes initiative for the conduct of various inter/intra collegiate competitions to improve the skills of the students.

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