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Best Study Abroad Websites

Do you have big goals when it comes to your education? Are you one of those students who have dreams of studying in a foreign country? If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the Best Study Abroad Websites that can help you in your journey!


When using StudyMe, all you do is creating a profile. In your profile, you are going to give some information about your career goals and your qualifications.

Then the waiting period starts. The universities that are suitable for you will get in touch with you. Not the other way around.

This website enables you to get in touch with the people willing to give time to you. It saves time and energy.

You can happily say goodbye to writing long e-mails to universities and getting little to no replies!


On this website, there are 11 program directories to choose. These programs range from studying abroad to volunteering, language schools, internships, and more. Once you’ve chosen your path, you can ask questions to online advisors to find the best program for you. You can learn about the programs by reading reviews and interviews about each of them. This site lets you save your favorite programs and even compare them side by side.

Once you choose your program, you can apply through the links on the website and then travel abroad!

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad contains links to Study Abroad websites by area. Why is this practical? Well, let’s say you are an international student who is only interested in studying in the Middle East. Simply by clicking on a link, this site presents you with only the websites relevant to you.

You might think this divided style of organization is only convenient for people who know where to study. Don’t worry! There are links to worldwide sites as well.


Almost 200,000 students have started their journey through this site. On the site, you can read reviews from actual students who have used Studee to find opportunities. You can browse by not only county but by subject.

You can also add information about your budget and how long you are willing to study abroad. The algorithm will provide choices suitable for the data you provide.

Project Management School

Project Management School provides Erasmus+, scholarships, internships and study abroad blog. This site is Turkish language but you can use Google Translate if needed.


This site makes study abroad accessible to anyone who wants it. With affordable and immersive study, intern and volunteer programs abroad in more than 50 countries, ISEP opens your path to the world.

Yağmur Korat

StudyIngram Editor


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