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10-20 September 2020 | Croatia

Our Training Course – Embodied Arts Laboratory is a meeting point for the Embodied Arts Facilitators and Youth Workers to share ideas, approaches, techniques and experiences with colleagues working with body methods and in the field of Social Change .

Bodies of Change​ is a space for creativity, art and inspirational sparks where we will share Theatre, Dance, Circus​, Body Expression​ and other Embodied Arts methods to be used in youth work as
powerful tools for developing a sense of Connection and Belonging to our communities through an Empathy-based approach.
The program is designed for two types of participants:

Embodied arts facilitators

Those working with the body in a creative way
(theatre, dance, movement practices, contact improvisation, circus, martial arts, street art, body expression, body work, impro techniques…) and that have  experience facilitating in front of the group.

Youth workers 

Those working with young people at risk of Social Exclusion (including young people with disabilities, Roma community and with migrant backgrounds, LGBTIQ+ young people…) that are interested in Embodied Arts methods but don’t have much experience and tools for applying them with their target group.

Eligible countries: Croatia, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, France, Bulgaria. Germany, UK , Romania

Application  till 27.7.2020. on

All need infromation you can find in Bodies of Change Info


Available downloads:

This Training Course is

for 28 participants

from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

and recommended for

Youth workers, Embodied arts facilitators


Participation fee

Participants are asked to contribute with a Participant’s Contribution of 60€ to be paid in cash during the registration at the beginning of the Training Course. (We don’t want money to be an issue stopping anyone from learning, so if you can’t honesty afford to contribute with 60€ contact us and we are open to discuss alternative possibilities)

Accommodation and food

This training program is co-funded through the Erasmus+ program, therefore accommodation and food are fully reimbursed.

Travel reimbursement

This training program is co-funded through the Erasmus+ program therefore travel costs up to the maximum allowed amount per country will be fully reimbursed.

Spain          275eur
France        275eur
Germany    275eur
Romania    275eur
Estonia       275eur
Latvia         360eur
Bulgaria     275eur
UK               275eur
Italy             180eur
Croatia         20 eur

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