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Finland ESC European Solidarity Corps

Finland ESC European Solidarity Corps The objective of the association is to vivify the countryside, promote holistic ecological lifestyle and global sustainable development, as well as to encourage communality, be open for surroundings and cooperate local, national and international ways. We want to develop our role as an international cooperator and create good and active partnerships with our supporting organisations. Everyone gets easily a lot of information about how bad the situation is in this planet. People often feel alone, hopeless and stuck, don`t know what to do. We believe that all small things can make a big difference. We do our best to live more sustainably, build up communality, be open for new ideas and make our baby steps for better, safer future. Volunteers from different countries bring our organisation their ideas, worries, solutions for us to improve our work. And the aim is that they will learn many new things here, they will have trust for themselves and future and increase their capacity to act.


Our volunteers live together, sharing a house with mini-kitchen (about 56 m2), beds in two floors. Our community house is most of the time for their use. There are kitchen, living room and dry toilet downstairs and open upper floor for resting, reading etc. We also have lunch in the community house. That is very important time for really meet each others daily. For other meals food money is provided. In our sauna building volunteers have good place to wash clothes and themselves. We make arrangements to make sure that privacy is available when needed.


Volunteers join on-arrival training and midterm meeting organized by National Agency.


We welcome all people no matter what religion, political views or ethnic backgrounds. Volunteers need to be tolerant, open for new ideas, respectful for other human beings. Work is done in a group, pair or individually with different work supervisors and partners. Volunteers need to be interested in theme days/weeks and project work, happenings etc and ready for multiple work. The most important thing is that the volunteer is willing and motivated to live and work in a rural ecovillage community in a very basic way. Volunteers are interested in sustainable development and ecological values.

Finland ESC European Solidarity Corps APPLY



 A total of 37 week(s) during the period 13/03/2023 to 30/11/2023


 Saunavainio 2, 37470 Vesilahti Finland


Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia


 Environment and natural protection

 Health and wellbeing


 No application deadline

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