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Guide to Settlement in America

America, a land of opportunities, is a country that embodies dreams of many people from all over the world. This country, where thousands of people evaluate business opportunities every year and prefer for investment opportunities and education, offers countless opportunities for those who want to work in a different geography.

If you graduate degree from a university and are fluent in English, it features means you need to go to America more than this.

If you are one of those who want to taste American Dream on the spot, let’s take a look at what we can do to settle there!


The United States officially enacted the Green Card lottery (Diversity Immigrant Visa Program – Diversity Immigrant Visa Program) in 1990 to increase the cultural diversity of the country’s population. The ‘Permanent Resident Card’, known as the Green Card in the community, is an immigration right that the US government draws to approximately 55 thousand people from all over the world every year.

People with lottery Green Card, citizenship of the Republic of Turkey continues, he would have received the benefit of American citizens entitled to many rights. Green Card holders who are entitled to work, establish a business, education and permanent residence in the USA can work wherever they want, regardless of the state or private sector. These individuals can also obtain full citizenship by applying for American citizenship after 5 years.

All applications received between October and November each year are collected at the Kentucky Consular Center in the USA and are numbered in 6 geographic regions. After the application period is over, random draws are made in the computer environment.

US Department of State that draws high school or an equivalent school graduates carried out by the Immigration Office every citizen of the Republic of Turkey has the right to join the profession without limitation. All the applicants have an equal chance, since the lottery is carried out in a computerized digital system. The results of the Green Card lottery are announced on the official website of the Immigration Office. You can find out your lottery results by entering the site with the “Approval Number” given to you during the application.

The US Government does not give your Green Card application and the list of winners to any institution or organization, including the US Consulates. Those who do not win the lottery are also not informed.

Green Card Application Requirements

Being a citizen of one of the countries eligible to participate in the lottery: The United States Government announces the list of countries that are not eligible to participate before the lottery every year. Turkey is among the countries eligible to participate in the lottery.
Being over the age of 18: There is no age limit to participate in the Green Card lottery. However, the applicant must be at least a high school or equivalent graduate. Therefore, people who have not completed the age of 18 cannot win a Green Card even if they win the lottery.
To be at least a high school graduate: The applicant must be a high school or equivalent school. If he is not a high school graduate, he has to have at least 2 years of work experience in a job that requires education, experience and expertise in the last 5 (five) years. Only official trainings are accepted for Green Card applications. In-service training or equivalence certificates cannot be accepted. You must present the documents related to education and work experience to the consular officer during the visa interview. If your education level is below the desired level, you cannot get a Green Card.

Those who participate in the Green Card lottery are not required to know English. However, considering the difficulties you will experience when you win the lottery and go to America, it is recommended that you learn enough English to communicate.

In addition, the financial accumulation requirement is not required. The person who will apply for Green Card does not have to have an asset or monetary accumulation.

You can apply for a brand new adventure and change your life forever by applying to Green Card!


There are more than 16,000 universities in America, where approximately 650,000 students choose to graduate every year in different countries of the world. As the number of universities is so high, one of the most important issues when you decide to pursue a master’s degree in America is to find the most suitable university in line with your budget and expectations.

The most important condition for master education in America is full command of English. Conditions other than this basic rule may vary depending on the particular situation of the person, the university and area of ​​application.

to be aware of an issue relating to the application is made in terms of a single exam or through criteria such as student elections in Turkey in the American system. Just like a professional applying for a job, students applying to American universities are expected to be able to show their differences with their applications. In this respect, some of them may have a strong academic background and high GRE, GMAT or similar exam results, while others may have experience in work or volunteering in that area that puts their application before others. In addition, technical issues such as careful monitoring of the application procedure and motivational letters written are also very important.

One of the biggest problems students experience in getting a master’s degree is not being able to afford the tuition fees. As you know, universities in America are paid. Although graduate program fees vary by region and university, it has an average annual fee of $ 8,000 – $ 25,000. For your accommodation and social expenses, your annual expenditure will be around $ 8000 – $ 10,000. To summarize, you can expect your annual education, accommodation and social expenses in the US to cost around $ 20,000 to $ 25,000 a year.

Universities in the USA have the equivalence of YÖK. Therefore, if you have a good level of English, and you are mez from a university in Turkey, whether to stay there even after a master’s degree in American and evaluate options such as finding a job.


Under normal circumstances, America is not an easy country to visit due to reasons such as distance and visa difficulty. However, this is facilitated through a language school. During the periods when there is no lesson at the language school, students get the chance to see other states.

Taking language training in the USA can make a great contribution to your CV, especially since it will take your language proficiency to an advanced level. Because language schools are very functional institutions. There are free workshops and career clubs that allow you to use the English language in business life, improve your English presentation and discussion skills, and develop CV preparation and interview techniques, as they are also highly preferred by working professionals. If you wish, you can also attend Business English lessons for a certain additional fee. In this way, you will not only get to know American culture and people closely, but also expand your business network and establish friendships that can last for a long time in America, and gain fluency in English.

American language schools are also an opportunity for those who plan to continue their undergraduate or graduate education. Those who intend to choose America to pursue higher education enroll in a language school, both making their language levels better for studying in a foreign language and experiencing their experience abroad. If they return to Turkey have received language training in the United States being treated as a positive value in terms of CV. So having a language education experience in America is an advantageous situation in every respect.

When choosing a language school in America, one of the issues that hesitate students is language school prices, which differ a lot. The USA stands out with its wide range of language schools. As the language school diversity in the country is high, American language school prices also vary widely. Average training + accommodation costs range from 5000-7000 USD.

Prices vary according to cities and language schools, but you should not ignore that language schools, whose prices are significantly low, will make it harder for you to obtain a visa to America. For this reason, if you want to go to a language school in America, it will be beneficial to choose the language school that is most suitable for you and you will benefit most, instead of choosing the cheapest language school.

Apart from language learning, the most important benefit of language schools is that you are more comfortable in pursuing internship or full-time job opportunities because you are in America now. At the same time, with the reference of the people you meet in time, different doors can be opened in front of you. Perhaps you can get a chance to work and live in America you go to by saying a language school!

work permit

Those who want to work in America must apply for an American work visa before traveling to this country. The American work visa application is made to the United States Consulate General in Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey Embassy.

Those who want to live and work in the United States must apply for an American work visa in accordance with their personal characteristics. There are temporary, seasonal or permanent American work visas options in categories such as the method of being invited from companies that already have activities in America, intra-company transfer, extraordinary talent, athletes, artists, religious officials.

The type of American work visa differs according to the type of work done, the employer in the USA or the nationality of the person. With an American work visa, you can have an indefinite residence permit when living, working and necessary conditions are met in America. Some types of work visas even allow individuals to travel with their families to America.

You can find the necessary documents for the American work visa below.

Identity card / T.C. Photocopy of identify card
Passport (Valid for at least 6 months after travel, old passports, if any)
2 biometric photos (current, background white)
Example of Full Incident Population Registration
Personal Visa Request Petition (Addressing the Consulate stating that he will cover all expenses)
DS 160 Form I-129 Form (Must be provided by the US employer of the visa applicant)

You can be one of the people who are entitled to work in America by applying for a work permit. Why not? If we want and really struggle, we can be one of those who fulfill their dreams. All we have to do is act. Hope everyone who wants to live in America can find themselves there one day!

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