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Among the main reasons why Asia is becoming more attractive are the robust education systems of countries such as South Korea, Japan, and China. While the research and innovation studies carried out by the governments, which are the biggest supporters of the developments in the field of technology, attract international students’ attention, the success of Japan and South Korea in the fields of robotics and nanotechnology is very important.


  • Peking University Academic Excellence Scholarship: Peking University offers academic excellence scholarships to graduate and doctoral exchange students in their third year of undergraduate study. Your GPA and level of achievement play an important role in winning scholarships ranging from RMB 3,000 to 10,000RMB. Peking University Academic Excellence Scholarships are scholarships offered to international students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees. Students studying at the University are automatically nominated for these scholarships in September each year based on their academic achievement.

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  • Tsinghua University: for students seeking Study Abroad Scholarships in China, Tsinghua University offers financial support at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate Scholarships are provided to international students enrolled in 4-year full-time programs, while the university has Achievement Scholarships offered since 2011 for doctoral students.

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  • China government scholarship:The Chinese government offers scholarships to international students ranging from 4-7 years in undergraduate programs, 3-5 years in master’s programs, and 1-2 years in doctoral programs.

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Tuition fees in Japan range from$4,000 – $ 8,000 annually at public universities, while in private universities the average is around$ 15,000. Numerous scholarships and grants are offered for international students in Japan, provided through Jasso-Japan Student Services Organizations and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

  • The University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Students: April and September each year,for students who want to study abroad with scholarships, the University of Tokyo offers a graduate research scholarship to apply for.

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  • Japanese Government Scholarships: Monbukagakusho scholarships offered by the Japanese government are financial support provided to students who will receive undergraduate and graduate education every year. In order to benefit, you must be recommended either by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate, or by the University. Japanese or English, depending on the degree you will be studying, you may need to know one or both languages.

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  • Korean Government Scholarships: Scholarships for international students who wish to conduct research at a higher education institution in South Korea. In general, financial support that covers the expenses of students such as education, travel, flight tickets and health insurance are designed to contribute to students studying in the country.

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  • Kyung Hee University: With a wide range of financial supports for students who will apply for Study Abroad Scholarships in South Korea, Kyung Hee University offers various opportunities for all first-year students enrolled on scholarships.

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  • Korean government scholarships: South Korea, which offers scholarship education in Asia; Offers financial support to talented international students, academics and exchange students participating in undergraduate, graduate and research programs in specific areas. Scholarships cover half or all of your tuition, as well as travel, health insurance and living expenses.

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  • Hyung Hee University: It offers scholarships that cover all or part of the tuition fee to exchange students and all freshmen enrolled in the school. If you enroll in a Korean program at the university, you will be eligible for a full tuition scholarship.

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