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Most Expensive and Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

In the period waiting for university examination results, university prices differ all around the world and in Turkey. For study abroad, the cheapest country is Kazakhstan with 4.500 dollars and the most expensive one the US with the 38.000 dollars.

Akare which organize fairs for study abroad published a paper named “Research on the Cost of Studying in Abroad”. According to this research, they look into 38 country’s universities, accommodation, and living expenses and according to this the most expensive country is the US.

After the US with the cost of 38.000 dollars, with the 34.000 dollars Canada, 27.000 dollars Switzerland and 25.500 dollars Australia.  When include cost of study for a year, acommodation and living costs, university study. When we include annual education cost, accommodation and living expenses, the USA, where university education is 38 thousand dollars per year, is followed by Canada with 34 thousand dollars, Switzerland with 27 thousand dollars and Australia with 25 thousand 500 dollars.

According to research, in the US state university tuition is at least 23 thousand dollars and a student’s accommodation and living expenses are at least 15 thousand dollars. In Canada, university tuition is a minimum of 20 thousand dollars and a student’s accommodation and living expenses are average 14 thousand dollars. While in Switzerland university tuition is at least 7 thousand dollars and a student’s accommodation and living expenses are at least 20 thousand dollars, in Australia state university’s tuition 12 thousand dollars and a student’s accommodation and living expenses are calculated as 13 thousand and 500 hundred dollars.

In Kazakhstan, a university’s annual tuition is 4 thousand and 500 hundred dollars

According to the survey, Kazakhstan with the 4 thousand and 500 hundred dollars, is the cheapest country for the university studying. Public universities’ annual tuition is at least 500 hundred dollars, and a student’s accommodation and life expenses are approximately 4 thousand dollars.

Kazakhstan is followed by Bosnia Hersek with the 6 thousand dollars, Georgia and Ukraine with 7 thousand and 500 hundred dollars, and Russia with 8 thousand dollars.

Annually tuitions of universities’ in Bosnia Herzek is one thousand, in Georgia and Ukraine are 2 thousand 500 hundred dollars. Students who want to study in these countries must spend 5 thousand dollars.

In Norway, annually university tuition is at least 200 hundred dollars

When we look at just education tuition level the US is with 23 thousand dollars most expensive and Norway is with 200 hundred dollars cheapest country.

In university prices, the US is followed by Canada with 20 thousand dollars, Australia with 12 thousand dollars, Sweden with 11 thousand dollars, and Egypt with 10 thousand dollars.

Norway where the university prices are cheapest is followed by mostly European countries. The tuition fee is calculated in France 250 dollars, in Kazakhstan 500 dollars, in Germany 550 dollars, in Italy 800 dollars.

When looking at accommodation and living expenses Sweden with the 20 thousand dollars, the US, England, and Denmark with the 15 thousand dollars are the most expensive countries. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with the 4 thousand dollars, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, and Egypt with the 5 thousand dollars are the cheapest countries.

By the way in Asia, India’s university education tuition is a total of 16 thousand 500 hundred dollars, in Japan 13 thousand 500 hundred dollars, in China 12 thousand 500 hundred dollars, in Taiwan 10 thousand 500 hundred dollars and Malaysia 10 thousand dollars.

“Europe’s private universities’ cheaper than Turkey’s ”

Nazım Özsoylu who is the Akare Study Abroad Fair Board Member answered the AA reporter’ questions. He said that; studying abroad is different from country by country but contrary to popular belief it is not more expensive than a private university in Turkey.

In Turkey when getting an education from a private university you will also be paying for extra things like transportation, food, pocket money. If a student is studying in another city accommodation will be an important cost. Özsoylu said:

“Also, a total of annual costs are approximately the same, in fact Europe is more cost effective. Besides these, there are many reasons for study abroad. Student can start university without examination stress, can study any branch what she/he wants so can successfully her/his occupation, in Europe can graduate under the 4 years and can learn the second language nearly her/his mother language. While costs are high in the US, England, Australia and Canada, in Europe, Germany, France, Austria and the others cheaper. And in East Europe, in countries like Ukraine, Hungary and Poland are in demand.”

Özsoylu said, except Germany and Austria other countries don’t stipulate any university examination, like LYS or YGS. “However, when you come back to Turkey, for the equivalence of higher education council either you must have educated in one of the first 500 universities in World or must taking national university exam and must meet condition minimum.”, he said.

Education cost according to countries

According to Akare’s survey, the countries annual education tuition, accommodation and living expenses are:


Sibel Güney

Illustration: Yaren Yakut


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