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Best 7 Countries to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most crucial decisions in someone’s life. Besides which country must choose for education is one of the most important details. We need to consider some of the points when we decide about the study abroad. Of course, the first criteria must be high-quality education. After this criteria, reaching the career goals, school’ international students’ percentage, visa criteria must be considered. We considered all of these factors and we ranked 7 countries for study abroad.

1 – England

England is one of the countries that can enrich you, with privileged and qualified educational institutions and socio-cultural potential. On the other hand, England is the native land of the English. You can take a course in English in any city in England. The most popular cities are London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Bournemouth, and Eastbourne.

2 – The United States

Even though it is not exactly what they call American Dream but we have to start from somewhere. Firstly, education is a high cost in America, when we compare it with other countries. However, when you have an education in America you can reach your career goals easily. And of course, you shouldn’t ignore that you will get high-qualified education. In America which cosmopolitan country you can meet many different cultures.

3 – Canada

Canada is located in the north of the US and one of the favorite countries for education. Canada where have many successful education institutions,  life is easy as well. The people who want to take education in Canada must get a visitor or student visa. You can prefer to visitor visa if your study program is less than 6 months. Canada is not giving work permits to students. It is an advantage in a way. You can focus on your education.

4 – Ireland

Ireland which is the country that you can prefer for education is cheaper than England. Students can get life easily in Ireland. In Ireland, education institutions are located around Dublin.

5 – Germany

One of the most important qualifications for Germany is living conditions are cost-effective for students. Besides Germany’s education quality is moving it to the top. Mostly Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich are preferred.

Study in France

6 – France

France is one of the most popular European countries for education. Especially for the people who want to learn French, it is regarded as an important language center. France has welcomed thousands of students every year with advanced and modern educational institutions. You can prefer to education institutions in Paris Nice, Marseille, and Toulouse. France possesses ample means in culture, art, entertainment, fashion, and business.

7 – Australia

Australia has 6 universities from the best 100 universities in the world, is one of the best countries for education. Sidney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are the most preferred universities. On the other hand, Australia has unique nature. You can experience a quite different lifestyle.

Sibel Güney

StudyIngram Editor

Illustration: Yaren Yakut


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