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Online Education Platform: Saylor Academy

Online trainings have become widespread in recent years and students reach quality education with professional trainings! In this article, we will talk about Saylor Academy platform. Saylor Academy, which offers quality training in many branches, also offers its users a certificate with international validity. You can access many courses taught abroad in English on the site, which mainly includes courses taught at the university.

Saylor Academy is a non-profit initiative that has been working since 2008 to offer free and open online courses to anyone who wants to learn. It offers approximately 100 courses at college and professional levels, each of which is currently available – according to your schedule and for free.



Whether you are looking for career development, degree completion, professional development or more everyday learning, there are many courses for you. You can earn modern, digital completion certificates at Saylor Academy; earning uneducated college credit through the partner school network; you can even start a low-cost, affordable licensing program.


If you have previously taken open online courses (you may know these as “MOOC”), you will find that things work a little differently on the Saylor Academy site.

Learning materials were compiled by expert educators from a range of free and open online sources. We focus on designing a learning experience at your own pace, as close as possible to what you can learn in the university classroom. Our certificates are free, our courses are always at your service and deadlines are under your control.

There are hundreds of courses on the site in various fields such as chemistry, business, article writing, time management, economics, engineering, artificial intelligence, internet of things. We took the professional writing lesson and were very satisfied. Image quality, sound quality, course content and additional materials were fine. In addition, our certificate was immediately created from the system and sent to us. Our advice Be sure to check out the Saylor Academy website!

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