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TAFE Programs in Australia

Australian TAFE certificate programs are programs designed for the needs of the international business and professional world, offering practical knowledge and experience for the professional business world. After a long education life, certificate and diploma programs have been created for many professions and fields, which are preferred by people who want to gain experience abroad before starting their careers, who want to add new values ​​to their professional careers or who want to continue their lives abroad in better conditions.

TAFE programs may cover general branches such as engineering, business, social branches, or they may be in much more specialized subjects.

Get 2 years of vocational training, work full-time for 18 months

TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education. TAFE colleges are located in Western Australia, government-sponsored and guaranteed. TAFE International Western Australia colleges offer a wide range of career-oriented courses, state-of-the-art facilities and excellent pathways to university programmes.

Students who receive 2 years of vocational training in Australia can get a work permit for 18 months.

Find your way to study with TAFE NSW.


For Whom is the TAFE system for in Australia?

  • People who want to start a new career.
  • People who want to advance or specialize in their current career.
  • People who want to add practical skills to university education.
  • People who want to study at university afterwards.

TAFE is not a university undergraduate or graduate program! The diploma that is received at the end of the program has international professional validity, but does not give the right to complete higher education!

To enroll in these programs, schools often require English proficiency and, in some cases, additional requirements. The score needed to start diploma programs is IELTS 5.5, and the score needed to start undergraduate programs is IELTS academic 6.0.

According to the law that came into effect on July 1, 2016, student candidates applying to Diploma programs are now required to submit their official language exam results to the embassy in their visa application. Few low scores accepted are academic test scores of 30 PTE or 4.5 IELTS. In other words, people who want to attend the diploma program training in Australia cannot have a zero or beginner level of English language. Candidates who prove their language score as 4.5 IELTS can apply for a package program in the form of “Language education + Diploma” as long as they can reach 5.5 IELTS points. In this way, the student candidate will be able to get all the training he needs in a single visa. The language training period to be taken cannot exceed 25 weeks.

TAFE NSW courses are taught by a staff of world-class teachers recognised for their experience and depth of current industry knowledge. If you study at one of our 130 locations across NSW you’ll get access to top industry training facilities and state-of-the-art classrooms, plus great student services. If you prefer to study online, you can connect with your teacher and classmates in a virtual classroom, whenever and wherever you like.

If you prefer to learn on the job, our teachers can come to you. Assignments are based on your job position and your previous work experience could also count towards completing your qualification faster.

Find your way to study with TAFE NSW.

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