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5 Morning Habits That Will Make You A Successful Person

Why are some people trapped in a monotonous life? Perhaps there is a way to get rid of it, and we are not looking for it. Perhaps the way is hidden in these golden words of Steve Jobs:

“If today was the last day of my life, would I do what I had to do today?”

Let’s face it, it’s motivating. You wake up every day and you are in control. You create the day. What would you do?

What if we say we have clues of a terrifying routine that can turn you into a superhero?


“If you want to make your dreamscome true, the first thing you need to do is wake up.” – J.M. Power

Planning two days of a successful morning routine in advance. The first minutes you start the day are really important because the secret of saving time is hidden here. You can write on paper or use applications on your phone. Which is more motivating for you.

Your brain is also very good at problem solving, which it does even while asleep. When you set your calendar in advance, your brain is starting to think about the schedule of the day before you wake up.

“It is a general experience that a problem that is difficult to solve at night can be solved when you wake up in the morning. Because at night he worked on the sleep committee. ”- John Steinback


“What we do routine is what we are. So perfection is not a movement, it is a habit. ”

The hardest part of practicing the morning routine is to stick to it. The first step was easy; we can all plan. But implementing it is an enormous job. If you survive this step, the game is yours.

For example, even if you travel a lot, do not miss your morning routine. So how do you do this? First of all, the plan you prepare should be quite realistic. “If this happens, it will be like this.” technique.

For example, if I have to work until late, I should go to bed early, then I have to shift my routine forward one hour. Or it is not enough for me to run for an hour, then I have to shorten my shower or reading time.

Remember, sometimes there will be small waste. But if you miss today, a new day is waiting for you tomorrow. Of course, don’t let 1 waste turn into 364 waste with this in mind.


“I should do sports before my brain starts to grasp the day.” – Marsha Doble

There is nothing better than starting the day by doing sports.

Einstein used music to invoke creative thoughts, why not use sports? When he felt stuck, he needed to play the piano when he needed inspiration. How about running while in the same situation?

If you need more scientific reasons than all of these to exercise;

Neurogenesis (Cell birth): Exercising in the morning prepares the brain for cell divisions and learning in the best way. Because, as evidenced in its neurogenesis, doing sports has a definite relationship with perception and producing new brain cells. Cell births spark with exercises and brain cells are formed. In addition, aerobic exercises are said to increase the production of the Brain Source Neurotrophic Factor, which is called the magic essence in science.

Metabolism: Metabolism is the total energy that our body consumes during the day. As in our car, we burn less energy when we are on the move while at rest. Simply put; put more movement to the day, more close, your metabolism is fast. So morning exercises will help you burn your excess calories.

Also, the sooner you start burning, the more you burn. If I start at three, if you start at seven, I will be four hours ahead of you.





After doing your morning sports and starting cell births, you should do something that will keep your electric circuit strong. Reading or writing books can help. So maximize your time and strengthen your neural connections… you will be surprised to see how much your ability to grasp has increased.


“No one can go back and start again, but everyone can start today and write a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

Let’s face it, nobody lives in this world to be an average person. Many of us want to be the best in certain areas. So why not do this? Use your mornings to be a fit, highly motivated, happy, productive person. To be a smarter person. And the best way to improve your intelligence is to read.

Reading will open the gates of your mind. These doors were always there but they were invisible. Let the reading touch them. Reading will increase your perception ability and expand your vocabulary.

Or listening to audio books. Audiobooks are another effective way to upload information to your brain. Think of it as if you are connecting yourself to a computer. And you can do this any time of the day. It will also speed up your learning ability.

Remember, you are responsible for success and happiness in your life. Every day belongs to you and welcome it happily. Make it pass the way you want. Wake up, play sports, read and improve. Be crazy, be creative… be superman!

Gizem ARIK

StudyInGram Blog Editor

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