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Canada Study Abroad Guide For Eu Students

Every year thousands of people go to Canadian universities for education. Canada is where the kindest people live and the best place for studying. If you’re international student it’s good but if you’re EU student it’s much better. Most of the universities give EU students priority.You must require the qualifications that universities want. In this article; we wrote about Best Canadian Universities, study abroad, accommodation life, prices, visa process etc.

First of all, we will look at best universities. 

  1. Toronto University

 Toronto University is very famous all around the World. According to QS University Rankings Toronto university is 1st at the Canada, 25th ranking at the  global. Toronto has different cultures, idealogies and countries. Many different people come from their countries to think, argue and share. If you’re choosing to stay at Canada then you should go to one of the best university.

  1. McGill University 

McGill University is the 2nd university at Canada, 31st place at the global ranking. McGill University have 12 Nobel Laurates and many famous scholars such as Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. If you’re from Europe then you must apply for education at this university.

  1. University of British Columbia 

University of British Columbia is 3rd  at Canada and 45th at the global. Additionally; This university has academic reputation. University of British Columbia aims innovation for academic project and challenges for education. If your aim is to be great academican you can check that university.

  1. University de Montreal

Universite de Montreal is a French public Research University and located in Montreal. The universite is founded in 1878 and has 10.000 international students. This university is 4th place at the Canada and 118th place at the global.

If you’re from France or want to have a degree related to French you can apply this university.

  1. University of Alberta

University of Alberta is n the 5th place at Canada and 119th place at the global. University of Alberta has 4 campuses and thousands of international student. So you can apply any department if you’re from Europe.

Second; we will look at visa process. If you’re EU citizen, you must have Passport and  return flight ticket. All EU Nationals must have visa if they’re going to stay more than 6 months. All EU citizens have to complete Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). The cost of this is CA$7. You should be ready to get visa whenever or wherever you go. We will give you helpful web sites about that topic for you!

Third; we will look at costs. Every university have their own fees. Which program you’re studying and you’re studying at undergraduate student. These circumstances changes the fees. Canadian Universities fees approximately CA$29.714 (US$ 22.500) per year for undergraduate international students. Medicine and engineering departments are more expensive CA$ 21.717 (US$ 16.446). Business and management courses are lower than others; CA$ 6.827 (US$ 5.170). It’s interesting that postgraduate tuition are lower.

If you’re looking for MBA education it is much more expensive than other subjects. Executive MBA courses average tuition fees are CA$ 56.328 (US$ 42.657). You can learn more about courses tuition fees web site  links  that we are giving you below!

Fourth, we will look at accomodation life.

For students there are three main types of accomodation; homestay,  university accomodation (dorms) and private accomodation. You can apply for staying at Canadian citizens homes. While you’re applying university you can apply for student dorms. Campus accomodation average cost is CA$ 3.000-7.500 (US$ 2.271-5.680). For private accomodation average cost is CA$ 8.400 (US$6.361) and extra bills you should pay. Toronto and Vancouver both expensive cities, so you may apply for campus dorm or you can stay at apartments with students. If you are need money for your school tuition fees you can find a job in here or you can apply for universities scholarships. Don’t worry We will give you all the web site links below!

Fifth, we will suggest you some travel ideas in Canada.Canada economically and technologically more like USA. Canada has British and French immigrant people.That’s why this country has British and French people’s culture. We definitely suggest you must go and see Niagara Falls. You should see Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Vancouver is famous because of their movie industry like HolyWood. You can go to Toronto and Vancouver for the  International Movie and Winterlude Festival etc.

Lastly; don’t forget the check the links  below because they’re involving all the information you’re looking for. We wish you to have the best studying abroad adventure…





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