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Best Foreign Language Web Sites

Best Foreign Language Web Sıtes

Learning a new language is always a good idea. But if you want to do it at affordable price or free, you can use new methods for this. We are living in age of technology you can use online courses, websites or applications. In this article; we write about best foreign language websites. We hope you can find best foreign language website for yourself.

Duolingo not only offers you to leraning a language. Before using the site you are taking a test and it shows your level. Afterwards, you’re starting to use the site. Also, you can use Duolingo from  both mobile and desktop.  When you are at the library or cafe you can use the application version. And most important thing about this website/application is FREE! We definitely suggest you to use this site…

Busuu is another great website for learning a language. It is a very popular site and there are over 50 million users in this site. So it is useful for anyone who wants to learn different languages such as  Polish, English , French etc. Busuu is offering a great way to learning language; you’re learning from natives. When you register the site you are choosing the language that you will learn and then you’re being a part of this social community. In this community you’re talking, writing and learning from others. So it is a great way to learn and you should check this site…

It is a website and there is a application version as others. There are online rooms and you’re choosing one. After that you’re being in a random room with random people and you’re talking. One of the best things about the site is FREE! So you must look at the site.

If you are good at English but if you want to improve your English, then you can use that site. There are articles and academic writings in that site. BBC is not only offering news, you can learn English from that site.It is useful and free.You can check this!

Memrise has a web site and application version. When you register the site you can start to learn. There is no chart for learning any language. You don’t have to follow any order for learning. You are being your own boss and you’re choosing what to learn and when to learn. So this is great and easy to use. It is free but also you can pay for some learning methods…

Babbel offers people to many languages. This site differs from other sites. İt is not only focusing speech, it also teach you reading, writing and speaking about any language. If you’re more classic learner and need reading-writing skills for any language, you must check this site! It is free site but for some qualifications you have to pay…


In Cambly; the logic is same with Konuşaraköğ You’re getting lectures from professional teachers. Most of the time you can get promotion codes and you can use easily. Before getting started to lectures you can use the site free for one month. You can get TOEFL, IELTS preparation lectures from foreigner teachers.Also this site has application version. So it is another great site, you should check it!






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