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ESC Interview and Skype Meeting

EVS Interview and Skype Call

As you follow, we publish European Voluntary Service (EVS) postings on our site and we try to provide technical support on the basis of your resume and motivation letter for you to participate in these programs.

Well you sent your motivation letter and resume, it was evaluated positively and they called you for an interview – Skype call. I am sure that at this stage, many questions will appear in your mind, and most importantly, even if your English is sufficient, you can think of questions like “Can I speak?” In order to facilitate your interview process, we talked to our 3 followers who were entitled to participate in the Skype interview and were successful. We asked many questions that were on your mind. We decided to create a guide that we think might be useful for you, too. We would like to thank our volunteer friends who helped us with this issue and share their advice and information with you.

First of all, as you know, Skype interview is done in an online environment and an efficient internet connection will prevent problems such as plugging, freezing and breaking. First of all, it is useful to conduct an interview from a computer with a high speed (especially fibernet) internet connection. Our advice to you is that you need to close many startup programs (such as antivirus) that slow down the computer before the interview and not to keep your internet browser open during the interview. Locking the computer in your internet browser or while a different program is running can take you time and even cause you to lose your turn.

What should I do before the interview? How should I prepare?

First of all, remember that you will have an English interview! It would be useful to study English and practice a little before the interview. What did the friends who have been successful in this regard before? We have to say that none of them studied grammar. The most important thing is that you have some empathy with the other party! So what can you ask if you are? In order to make correct predictions for this question, you should definitely check the website of the institution you will visit and the organization profile page in the database. Be sure to research the institution you will go from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. What kind of activities the institution is doing, what is its vision and mission, what kind of projects it has prepared will strengthen your hand in the interview. Possible questions that may arise to you will be classic questions such as your hobbies, volunteer experience and contributions you want to work in this project. However, most likely the institution you want to go to will customize these questions on the basis of their own goals and objectives. For example, the questions of an institution providing services for disabled people will be on the problems, care and rehabilitation of disabled people. Make sure you research on the subject of European Voluntary Service you are going to and write them down on paper. During the interview, setting up a sentence like “I have done your work in your organization… .. I will contribute to work during my volunteering period like this” will leave the impression that the institution is examined on the other side, and will gain additional points. It would also be useful to briefly state an innovative project on your subject before the interview.

Another question you may be asked in the interview is which department you can work in! Volunteer duties such as shelter, rehabilitation, pedagogy, social media management and reporting are expected in many voluntary advertisements. The most common mistake here will be “Whatever job you do”. It must be said that answer each question clearly and avoid general answers! Highlight your talent and ability for reasons. For example, “I can be active in your social media management and be productive and……. I believe that I will be successful in this task with the reasons and the trainings I received ”.

There will also be questions about your visa and English knowledge. You must give objective and correct answers on these issues. Your knowledge of English will be obvious when you speak more or less, and don’t overdo it with situations such as showing yourself as if you are very good at foreign language knowledge or that you have had an experience that you have not experienced. When stating that you are willing to speak language, make sure that your main goal is not to learn the language. Improving your language is not just a goal in volunteer projects, it is just a tool. Remember that you are not entering a job interview and you are interviewing for a period in which you will have a pleasant time – volunteer. Accordingly, it will be useful to interview with a good light angle, your face looks clear, smiling and calm.

One of the precise questions that will come to you will be, “Is there a situation you want to ask or state?” To do this, write the questions (accommodation, living conditions, organizational structure) you want to ask in advance and write these questions in advance. In addition, if there is a situation such as disability, discomfort, special conditions, please state it.

In general

– Research the institution and city you will go to.

– Identify your weaknesses and strengths.

– Language learning should not be your main agenda.

– The interview may take 10 minutes or longer. Be prepared for this.

– Be realistic, if there is a long interview, you may be at the last stage of conflict with the situation you said at the beginning.

– If you want to strengthen your hand in the European Voluntary Service is located in volunteer activities must actively institution in Turkey and do the accent.

– Do a short research on the Internet about your subject of volunteering.

You can send us any questions about European Voluntary Service. You can send your question and a short letter introducing yourself to

Gökhan Turgut Ünal

StudyIngram Editor

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