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In this blog post, we will talk about the common search point scholarship in the field of education. Many people who want to study abroad want to realize their dreams with scholarship opportunities. Scholarship Portal, the official scholarship announcement and sharing website of the European Union, can provide you with the scholarship you are looking for.

Portal provides a great convenience to the user with its simple interface. The 3 options on the main screen “What do you want to do”, “Where do you come from”, “Where do you want to go” can offer you a basic search based on which country you are seeking scholarships from in which level. The “What do you want to do” section lists the education levels you want to search for scholarships. This list includes High School (high school), Bachelor (university), Master (graduate), PhD (doctorate), Post-Doctoral (postdoctoral), Staff Position (employee position). You can switch to “Where do you come from” by marking up according to the education option you want to find a scholarship for. In this section, where you will choose the country you will participate in the scholarship program, you must select your own country and make your marking. In the “Where do you want to go” section, you can see the current scholarship lists by selecting the country where you will make the scholarship program and pressing the search button. For example, wanting to go to training from Turkey to Italy and currently 18 result stands out for someone looking for college scholarships.

With the detailed search option, you can categorize your search as internship, education and research, and you can search on keywords. By registering to the system, you can review the postings in detail and contact the institutions. You can also read current postings and user experiences by following Scholarship Portal’s Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles.

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My advice is to read the terms and definitions of the scholarship program you want to go to and review the official website of the schools. Also, following the discussions and comments from the social media accounts of the schools will benefit you in this process.

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