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Studying abroad and discovering new cultures is the dream of every student. This dream also contributes greatly to your educational process and cognitive development. It is very educational to learn while living in another country and at the same time to discover a completely different culture. You can easily experience how your profession works in other countries by studying abroad. It’s also a great option to study abroad to learn a new language or improve a language you already know. You can turn this dream into reality much more easily by knowing about scholarships abroad. For this, we have compiled websites that have detailed information about these scholarships and much more information about career planning;


This website was founded in 1999 and currently provides more than 2.7 million scholarships with a total value of $19 billion to students and anyone who wants it, with a record number of databases. This website is completely free and it only takes a few minutes to register. The scholarship lists and news shared on the site are regularly updated according to the interests of the students or the organizations they want.

After you become a member of this site, you can choose the types of scholarships that are most suitable for you or that you are most interested in, or the institutions and schools that provide these scholarships. In addition, you can choose the scholarships that you do not think will be beneficial for you or that you are not interested in and website prevent you from seeing such scholarships on your homepage.

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This website not only provides news about universities and other organizations around the world, but also shares detailed information about scholarship announcements. There is a detailed information flow for students who want to get a scholarship. You can also find information on which university is good in which subjects on the website. The database and especially the homepage of this site are constantly updated in terms of information flow. A new scholarship announcement appears immediately on the homepage. There is also a tool for site members to vote and review postings.

The site has a contract to collect and share information about scholarships announced in certain cities and even in certain countries of the world through a reputable company called Wintergreen Orchard House. In other words, the news and information you see on this site are transmitted from a completely accurate source.

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  • The College Board

Officially, The College Board was founded in 1900. The College Board is still an active and legacy education-based organization today. Today, it has developed itself and has a huge database with different scholarships exceeding 3 billion dollars to students around the world. Information on new scholarship opportunities is added to the database of this site annually, but specific scholarships that students seek for themselves are created monthly specifically for members. By using this site, it is also possible to purchase a book where you can see the scholarship opportunities near you.

It is very nice that this institution, which was founded when there was no internet, offers such an opportunity to students who are looking for scholarships without internet access.

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  • SallieMae

SallieMae is known by most people for providing loans for students but at the same time, this site is an excellent guide to searching for new scholarships or career plans and positions that are suitable and interesting for you. This site helps you find scholarships that are ideal for you and suitable for the type of university that suits your most desired field of study and occupation.

In order to be able to search for the mentioned scholarship and to get better results, you need to be a member of the site. To become a member, you must verify the verification code sent to your account. This registration process only takes a few minutes. When you become a member of the site, you can also edit and analyze the letters you want to send to universities.

In addition, when you become a member of the site, it becomes easier to search for scholarship opportunities and registered users can earn money by participating in the $1000 lottery held every month.

Website Link:

  • Zinch

This site helps you compare scholarships for all fields and all professions and is newly established. The Zinch site, which has a total value of more than $ 1 billion and has 5000 different scholarship advertisements, is very easy and free to use. The site has a tool that will allow you to write good essays for the University and also offers free flashcards on interesting topics.

After searching for scholarships that match your GPA and your wishes, you can also find the application deadlines and other necessary information for these scholarships on this site.

Website Link:

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