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Human Types In Corona Virus Days

Covid-19 virus, spreading from Wuhan city of China, almost affected the world. Due to the epidemic called corona virus disease, many countries have stopped their flights and switched to regional quarantine practices. This virus actually revealed the emotions that many of us also experience, especially on social media, people express different opinions. We have determined human types for you based on virus effects!


Complo Theorists

It is the type of person who produces a theory of conspiracy in each event and defends that events are brought forward and directed by a group of people. He argues that the corona virus is a biological weapon, produced by large states, produced for a particular community or human feature. Conspiracy theorists also produce incredible utopian scenarios, especially in social media like Reddit. This type of person usually consists of a community that spends a lot of time on social media, has a high social media interaction but has little activity in the real world.


Careless People


Especially in epidemic situations, those who do not happen to me despise the extent of the disease and think that they will definitely have no effect on themselves. This group, who mocks the outbreak and cares about the group, shares many posts on social media and takes physical action, as its virus is ineffective. One of the most important examples of this type of person; Rudy Gobert! After speaking at the press conference he held 2 days ago, French basketball player Rudy Gobert, who joked and touched all the microphones, played in the Utah Jazz team and was caught in coronavirus. In Italy, he was comfortable at first and caused an outbreak in the country.




DoomSayer group is one of the leading groups in social media! This group, who thinks the worst of the event in every event and thinks that the disaster has come step by step, claims that even the end of the world can come to the end by referring to the disasters experienced in the social media in the past. DoomSayer reinforces their thesis by trimming from conspiracy theorists’ views. People in this group often check mortality rates and share them in social media posts. In his social life, he vaccinates his environment that a constant disaster is at the door.




Every year x people die from cancer, y people died in the USA only from influenza, statisticians who share the mortality rate x% in people aged 30-44 reach the result they want to reach or the thesis they want to believe through statistics. In social media posts, abundant analysis, comparative statistics and invincible warriors of the internet world! Let us end with a sentence of Manchester United legend coach Sir Alex Ferguson in reference to this group Statistics “Statistics are like mini-skirts, shows a lot of things but does not show what is essentially”




This group has one hidden and one open! While secret stockists are gradually shopping, open stockists complete their work in one move 🙂 Stockists who think that there will be a great food and goods shortage with the epidemic, fill their houses with a lot of food and meet their need for at least 3 months. This relaxes them and feels safe. He shares news of scarcity, empty market shelves, prolonged queues and hike news on social media. He advises his environment to stock up on this issue.




One of the most common types of people in epidemic news is those who feel anxiety at a high level. This type of person thinks that especially the people around him and himself will be infected and that there will be a mass death due to this virus. They are usually in the monitoring mode on social media and share little. One of the most important features of this group is that they call their relatives at least 2 times a day and make suggestions.





Religion is one of the most important facts in the world! No matter what religion you belong to, if religion has an important place in your life, the fact that spiritual belief affects events increases even more. Many religions also have the phenomenon of apocalypse, and the portents of the apocalypse vary between religions. Epidemic, war, extraordinary events mobilize the apocalypse and defend that the apocalypse is approaching. In this case, he argues that more should be directed to worship and that this phenomenon from God should be accepted. Apocalypse, who is a strict follower especially on the Reddit platform, also strengthens their thesis by adapting the signs of the apocalypse to the events that occur constantly!





Hygiene is one of the most important measures not only in epidemic but also in terms of the health of the body! Just like most of the damage, hygienists exaggerate the issue of cleaning so much that cleaning is the most basic phenomenon of his life. Cleaning items such as cologne, wet wipes, soap, air freshener are with them at every moment of your life. Continuous desire to change clothes, excessive hand washing, seeing all people dirty and dirty are among the most important features of this group! Cleaning is good, but don’t obsess it 🙂


Finally, don’t kiss, don’t hug, wash your hands!


Gökhan Turgut Ünal

Studyingram Editor

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