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Is It Difficult to Learn Dutch?

Nowadays; learning another language, second or third foreign language has become very important in our globalizing world. While many people add a new foreign language to their résumé besides English, different languages have become popular day by day. The Korean learning movement, which started with Korean dramas and magazines, is one of them. Among the European languages, French, German, Spanish and Italian are also learned by many people. But if you want to be unique and wanted expert in business life, you can learn Dutch. In this article, we will tell you why you should learn Dutch and the websites where you can learn Dutch.

Why Should You Learn Dutch?

  • Dutch language belongs to the same language family as English and German.

Dutch belongs to the same language family as English and German and is very similar in grammar to both languages. Also, Dutch is an easier language than German, according to many linguists, you can learn it much more easily than others.

  • You actually know the Dutch words, learning is not hard!

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with the Dutch people travels to many countries overseas, the Dutch word passed into local languages as well as English, Spanish, French, and many other languages. For example, there are about 1500 Dutch words in English. So you actually know some of the Dutch words.

  • Learn Dutch faster with helpful Dutch

When you start learning Dutch you will find that many Dutch people will help you. Very few people knows in the world, many Dutch people will be interested in teaching you when you start learning this language.

Apart from these, of course, you should do what you would do to learn any language while learning Dutch. Studying Dutch every day will allow you to progress faster in such an already easy-to-learn language. You should start with easy words and easy grammar rules at first so that you learn more comfortably.

And of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. Because making mistakes is very natural when learning something new, and if you are afraid of making mistakes, you will not be able to learn any language, including Dutch. Therefore, making mistakes and learning from them will enable you to learn the language faster.

On the other hand, you should put Dutch in your life. For example, you should read books written in this language or listen to music written in this language. Especially watching something with subtitles will improve your listening skills. Because learning a language also means learning the culture, and you cannot internalize any language without learning its culture. Dutch language is historical language and you can read historical Dutch books.

Websites to Learn Dutch

Websites for learning Dutch are generally available in English. Unfortunately, there are not many resources in the web about this subject. That’s why you can learn the language more easily if you learn English before learning Dutch. Since there are multi-lingual versions of applications such as Memrise and Duolingo, you can learn Dutch in your mother tongue without knowing English. Below you can find the websites and Youtube channel where you can learn Dutch. We say goodbye to all our friends already. 🙂

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