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Language Learning Platform Babbel

Babbel is an AI-powered language learning platform on web, iOS and Android that allows users to interact with native speakers from around the world.

In this review, we will share basic information and swot analysis about what you need to know about the language learning app Babbel.  At the end of this review, you will see what Babbel is and what it does, what languages ​​you can learn. Ready to get started?

What is Babbel?

Babbel, a language learning application that works with subscription system, offers the opportunity to learn 14 different languages. The format of the application is to progress step by step according to the curriculum with pre-recorded lessons. It is also low in terms of pricing, given that it offers a software-based learning system. One of the most important differences compared to other language learning applications is that you can jump to different levels.



What Languages ​​Can You Learn With Babbel?

With Babbel you can currently learn 14 different languages. Assuming that your language of instruction is English, you can learn the remaining 13 other languages ​​(German, Danish, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish) with this app. It also provides education in their own language for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese speakers.

Who Is Suitable For Babbel?

Most users of Babbel who are willing to learn a language, that is, beginners. It is especially useful for people who want to learn new words and improve sentence structures.

Focal Points and Features

Let’s look at how this language learning app works and how it can help you. For beginners, Babbel primarily helps you learn new words, improving your sentence structure and grammar skills. At the same time, Babbel claims to also help you work on your speaking skills.


Babbel is quite affordable in terms of cost but in general we can say expensive for Turkey. You also have to pay for each language you want to learn. Compared to similar apps, Babbel stands out.

Price comparison with similar apps:

Babbel: $ 6.95 / month (12-month subscription) – $ 9.95 (3-month subscription)

Duolingo: Free

Rosetta Stone: $ 12 / month (12-month subscription) – $ 15 (3-month subscription)

Busuu: Free + 5.41 € / month (24-month subscription) to 9.99 € (1-month subscription)

Memrise: Free + $ 7.5 (12-month subscription) to $ 8.99 (monthly subscription)


✓ Having useful and challenging content

✓ Cheapness

✓ Helpful tutorials for beginners

✓ High quality lessons specific to each language

✓ Podcast possibility for some languages


It is seen as one of the best language learning applications with its useful content and low price. Babbel has both web and mobile apps for you to learn and practice the language. Interactive exercises can be boring at times, but these exercises are more challenging than most language learning apps. You will also learn the language-specific concepts and sentences you are learning with Babbel. If other applications seem too easy for you, get ready for a challenging journey with Babbel and prepare your notebooks and enjoy!

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