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How Can You Start Studying in Italy?

In this post we are answering “How to study in Italy?” question. Italy is a country that providing many undergraduate and graduate programs. All around the world many students prefer Italian Universities to study. Most of the universities are public university, thus fees are not expensive. In Italy courses are generally in Italian but some universities give courses in English.

Many Turkish students interested in studying in Italy (fashion, design, architecture is the firsts when we think about)

So how can we study in Italy? First, we need to pass 180 grade limit in YKS exam in Turkey or we need to complete 1 year in a university. The Italian Consulate in Istanbul states that many students going to Italy for higher education has increased in recent years, also in Italy undergraduate education lasts for 3 years. “Student number has increased 5 times in past 8 years. Every year hundreds of young people going to Italy for study in Italian Universities.”

Higher Education in Italy

In the Top 500 world ranking, Italy is the 3rd country that has highest number of universities in Europe.

It is almost the same cost for studying in a private university in Turkey and studying in Italy. From Turkey average 2500 students prefer Italy to study. Students with a foreign education and vision are one step ahead in their post-education business life, with both their language proficiency and the ability to stand firmly on their own feet as a result of living in a foreign country.

Undergraduate Degree Education in Italy

It takes 3 years to complete undergraduate education in Italy. It is possible to study in English and Italian.

Graduate Degree Education in Italy

In Italy Master programs are 2 years. With practicing courses, students are enabled to specialize in the fields of applying the knowledge they have acquired in undergraduate education. Universities in Italy are among the best in Europe, and the business world closely follows the developments here.

Costs of Education in Italy

Let’s look at the most curious part: COSTS

In Italian public universities only annual tuition fee is charged from the student. This costs between 900 and 2300 Euros. For private universities it changes between 5,000 and 30,000 Euros. Students who complete their 3 years undergraduate education can continue their graduate education for 2 years. After graduation they can obtain a residence and work permit in Italy if they find a job within 1 year.

The majority of international students in Italy comes from United States, China, Iran, Poland, Turkey and Azerbaijan. These international students mostly prefer the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Fashion, Design and Social Sciences.

Departments That You Can Study in English:

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Gastronomy
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Dentistry
  • Politics
  • Economy
  • International Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Sciences

Language Proficiency in Italy

You need to get a B2 level score from internationally recognized English exams such as IELTS (min.5.5) and TOEFL (min.78). If you intend to study Italian, you must have at least B2 level Italian Language Certificate.

There is no English preparatory education in Italian universities.

University Equivalencies in Italy

Italian universities have equivalencies in Turkey. When you study in Italy, you will have a “blue diploma” valid in all Europe and you have the opportunity to work in Europe.

University Education with Scholarship

There are many scholarship opportunities for students who studies in Italy can apply for. These scholarships can include not only tuition fees but also living expenses.

Scholarships are generally limited and are awarded to students based on merit measured after evaluation of previous grades or family finances.

Living Expenses in Italy

The living expenses of a student in Italy are not much different when compared to the living expenses in big cities in Turkey. In Italy, a student’s monthly expenses, including accommodation and food expenses, range only from € 550-650. In addition, there are various accommodation opportunities for students at universities in Italy. Students can stay in university dormitories, private dormitories or student houses. Accommodation fees in Italy range from 300 to 400 Euros.

Work Permit in Italy

In Italy, students have a work permit up to 20 hours a week. Students are given a 1-year work permit and residence permit after graduation. Students must apply to the school departments of the embassy or consulate for a visa.

The Benefits of Studying University in Italy:

  • Many of the world’s largest universities are located in Italy.
  • It is the third country in Europe with the highest number of universities in the top 500 in the world.
  • When you study and graduate in Italy, your diplomas are recognized by YÖK and valid all over the world.
  • Undergraduate education in Italy takes 3 years.
  • The Italian education system determines your tuition fees based on your family income.
  • Italy’s culture and family structure are very close to Turkey and both countries have warm people.

Yasin Emin Karaçelebi

StudyIngram Editor

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