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Rising Energy Prices in Germany

The Examination of a Turkish with Germany: Rising Energy Prices in Germany

The entire world is going through difficult times. These days, even the most developed countries are talking about inflation and economic recession. Naturally, no matter where people live, they complain about the rising cost of living and they are worried about potential problems in the coming days.

What is our current situation?

Many companies in Germany have been working from home since the Corona pandemic. The pandemic is not over yet. Although we forget its existence, the number of cases of infected people continues to increase day by day. We have forgotten the existence of the pandemic because of other agendas. For a long time, we have been talking about the war between Russia and Ukraine and the problems caused by the war.

Why are we still working from home?

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine skyrocketed the energy prices in Germany while the pandemic has not ended yet, the German government has decided that companies working from home should continue to do so for a while longer. By doing this, fewer people will need to use public or private transport and the energy consumption could be kept low.

Is the home-office a sufficient solution?

Not exactly. Even if a person works from home, or even if he ends his entire social life and never leaves the house, there are still other energy costs that he necessarily consumes. Heating is a good example of this when winter is so close and the weather has already been getting colder.

What measures have been taken so far in order to protect German residents from high energy costs?

As I just explained, we are still working from home. In summer, we bought transport tickets that costed only €9 and allowed us to travel within whole Germany by using any kind of public transportation. Also, in September, every person who works in Germany received a net €300 subsidy in addition to his salary to subsidize the gas consumption during the following winter.

What measures will be taken from now on?

Germany is planning to provide relief to its residents with two new subsidy programmes. One of them is bringing the €9 ticket back with its new price. Government plans to prepare new public transport tickets that allow to travel in whole Germany one more time. However, this time the ticket will be at €49. The new tickets are absolutely more costly than the previous ones, so everyone is not happy with the new plan. The second measure is subsidising the gas bills of households and businesses for December. That is, no one will pay any gas bill for the month of December, all the gas bills will be payed by government.

The Examination of a Turkish with Germany: What I Expected?

What more can be done?

German residents demand 365 € ticket for the whole year rather than 49 € tickets per month. Also, as a country well-known for its high income taxes, Germany might think of reducing income taxes at least for some time. However, unfortunately it is not on their agenda for now.

Gül Dila Dinçsoy

StudyIngram Editor


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