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Secrets of Preparing a Spectacular Cover Letter

No doubt, preparing a cover letter is the worst part of job applications. Of course, it’s also difficult to make cv preparation according to every job, but it seems like still easier than preparing a cover letter.

First of all, you need to know what employers expect from you. Let’s face it, it’s not that easy. Fortunately, we’re here and It won’t be hard to prepare a spectacular cover letter with us. Keep reading!


Yes, this tip may be sound familiar, but we wanted to add on our list because it is quite important. Probably you are applying to a lot of similar job, and you have a cover letter sample that you can adapt to every job. Unfortunately, employers are realizing it and possible to hitting your face from the fact it is copy-paste. Remember, every company wants to cover letter you write to be exclusive to them.

Adapt to Job Description Details!

Familiar too, right? But if you knew that how many people applied for job without studying the qualifications of the their looking for, you’d want to put that item on the list. You have to explain one by one why you’re proper for all the features they looking for in your cover letter.

Know Company’s History!

There will be hundereds of people applying for the job you applied for. But knowing the company’s history is the going to shine you like a star in this crowd. Don’t tell them only what an excellent company they are, also explain why.

Are they on the newspaper? Has a lot of products been sold specifically? Did their staff comment on sites about how excellent their work environments are? You should know all of them. You can start with reading to company’s website. It will definetely put you ahead of your competitors if you express in few centeces that you did such activity in your cover letter.

Strengthen Your Words!

Don’t just talk about how incredible job is or how perfect the company is. Prove it with facts. Is the company on the list of the best companies to work with? How much their annual turnover? How innovative are they? Knowing the answers to these questions can show them how much you care about them.

Same way to talking about yourself. Don’t just talk about what a good team player you are. Give them an example how well you work with team. You will suddenly notice how much your cover letter is valued.


Don’t be Afraid of Selling Yourself!

Yes, it’s not that easy for a person to sell themselves but it’ not the right time to be shy. Cover letter your only chance to make a good impression. Make it count!

Think of a person who you admire your work and start praising him. How easy it is, right? Now, do the same for yourself.


Write Your Letter to Right Person!

Not all job postings include the name of the person tasked with hiring. But if that information is included in the job posting and you misspell that name in your cover letter or worse, if you write the wrong name… Well, you’ve made one of the biggest mistake.

But if there is no information about that you have to find it. E-mail or company’s number can be useful in that situation.

Check and Check!

Check and check, also give someone for check! Check over and over again. Spelling mistakes distract employers too much, so have your cover letter checked to someone else to make sure you didn’t make mistakes like this.

Maybe a little mistake not be noticed. Because no matter how great a candidate you  are for work, your cover letter may find itself in trash because of these little mistakes. Also, reading backwars and reading it out loud can help you to notice these mistakes.

Application Reached? Call and Check it!

Our final tip may sound a little aggressive. However, after a few days submitting your application, calling to company for control helps you stand out. It shows how much you want to job.

İrem Tomaşan

StudyIngram Editor

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