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You Graduated…So, What Now?

You’ve  spent your 4 or more years passing exams and getting degree which you deserve. But university time is over, now it’s time to start new season of your life.

The passion inside of you could be little decreased after the graduation ceremony is over. Even you might feel like lost. “ Yeah, I’ve come this far what where am I going to go now?” Maybe some of your friends don’t have problems like that, their future plans already ready. But be sure about that, it is no shame you don’t have a plan like that. Because time to make plans is different for everyone and when the time came for you, we’ve prepared a small list of suggestions for your future plan to help  you. Keep reading!

Take a Break and Travel

You really worked hard and you deserve a break. Long or short, voluntary work or throw money around, you choose. Which one will you feel more rested? Experiencing different cultures, building your freedom by yourself also help you to being more open-minded person and in many areas.

You have lot of choise. Do your resarch carefully and find yourself on a holiday that really attracts you. How about this? There are lot of people who write their travel experiences on blogs and make money, why not be one of those people.

If you are good with words, photography or maybe you just open to trying new thing and sharing themn with people every day, give it chance. If not, you won’t lose anything anyway. You’re going to have a full diary.

Keep Learning

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your university, maybe you shouldn’t really say that. Master’s degree is not for everyone and it’s not necessary for a lot of job. But if you’ve done enough research and you think you can handle it, don’t stop, the application form is waiting for you.

And if you have economic problems that confuse you about this, please research scholarships. There are really good scholarship opportunities in Turkey. You just need to reasearch and find.

New Graduate Positions Waiting For  You

I assure you, it’s not that hard to get a job. Yes, there is a though competitive environment out there waiting for you, but still you can do it.

Search for companies looking for new graduates. Because these companies have a career plans they’ve prepared for yor. So you can take advantage of this opportunity and improve yourself and make money at the same time.


Be an Entrepreneur

If you don’t want to work in a position that set up for you, why don’t you start alone and try to be boss of your own business? But you need to have really good ideas, so getting advice from succesful entrepreneurs can help you. Also, like the income expense calculation, you have to do everything on your own, please think about it.

There is a lot of advice waiting to be considered in terms of entrepreneurship. Even your university might help with that, maybe even make a small donation if your idea is good. Also you can join seminars and courses on this subject. You learn something about entrepreneurship and create a good network at the same time.

Yes, you’re not going to make lot of money right now. But remember, you are going to be the one who determine it with hard work and perseverance.


Now, interships are not like old times, it’s different from pouring tea or filing. However, one of the firs things you should pay attention to when finding a company forinternships is that it pays a minimum salary. If you are goning to do an internship, keep your target high. This is a good opportunity for you to step into a companu that you really want to work with, but of course it may not have a future. Keep that in mind an do your best to make a good impression on employers.

İrem Tomaşan

StudyIngram Blog Editor

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