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Spain Gijon European Solidarity Corps

Our school Andolina Spain Gijon – a non-profitable cooperative constituted by the families of children – is looking for a motivated international person who would like to contribute to our project in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps. The volunteer will be part of the teaching team and main duties include: – Providing support to the school staff when they need to allocate more individualised support to certain children. – Working for the maintenance and development of the school vegetable garden following permaculture principles and integrating the children in that process. – Contribute with any proposal based on the volunteer´s experience and interests that could follow the school philosophy and ethos (only if the volunteer agrees) Mentoring will be provided to support the volunteer. Dates from January till July 2022. Volunteer´s time contribution of 30 to 38 hours a week.


Travelling, accommodation, food expenses and allowances are covered following the regulation of the European Voluntary Corps. A designated person will organise the airport/station pick-up to the final destination. Accommodation will be provided, whether at one of the Andolina school families´s home (which would ease the daily commuting to the school), or to a shared room at Surfhostels youth hostel. In that second scenario, commuting to the school would be possible whether by public transport (travel card would be provided ) or bike (bicycle path available from the hostel to the school)


Training will be provided on arrival about the functioning of the school. Moreover a member of the teaching staff will support the volunteer during the whole placement and will act as its mentor. Support will be provided to understand the school dynamics, philosophy and the role that the volunteer will carry out. The mentor will also track the volunteer performance in order to provide the necessary tools to support and integrate the volunteer along the teaching team. Regular training to the teaching staff is organised at the school and those opportunities will be also open to the volunteer.


We are looking for a motivated person between 18 to 30 years old that would be interested in getting to know an educational method around the child, based on observation and support rather than teaching specific contents. The potential candidate will have some previous experience and interest in children’s education (3 to 11yo) in addition to some knowledge or interest in permaculture or alternative agriculture. Good understanding of English / Spanish would be desirable. According to the EVC specifications, the candidate will have to be vaccinated from COVID or at least complete PCR test.



 A total of 25 week(s) during the period 01/01/2022 to 30/09/2022


 Camino Barreo, 203, 33394 Gijón Spain


Belgium, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland, Estonia, France, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Slovenia, Norway


 Education and training


 No application deadline

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