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Youth-led Street Sport for All

Conference – Symposium – Forum

12 November 2020 | Online, Malta

This online conference about ‘Youth-led Street Sport for All’ (YSSA) aims at increasing participation in street sports, strengthening social inclusion and promoting voluntary activity among disadvantaged children and youth.

The online conference about Street Sports will be drawing to an end the project ‘Youth-led Street Sport for All’ that partners from 5 different countries collaborated on for the past 3 years.

The aim of this online conference is for us to share our experience and good practices we developed during the lifetime of the project.

With the main theme of this conference being street sports as a tool for social inclusion and civic engagement through voluntarism, we want to inspire other organisations, municipalities and institutions working with sports, social inclusion and voluntary activity, to scale up and implement our approach in other countries.

By attending this conference, you will have the opportunity to discuss your views and to share your experience about sports as a platform for social change with a street sports panel, as well as with like-minded participants from around the world. You will also have the opportunity to experience hands-on some of the tools the partners developed throughout the project.

Application Deadline: 3 November 2020


Across Europe, young people are searching for ways to live healthier, to have greater economic opportunity, and to find real and meaningful ways to both belong to society and contribute to it. At the same time, the world is passing through a massive refugee crisis which offers challenges to the social cohesion within and among many European countries.

During the project lifetime, 600 young role models were trained to reach out to 5,000 children and young people from underserved communities to invite them to take part in community street sports activities. This got more children and young people moving and helped them feel more at home in their local community and society at large: a ripple effect that should create a safer, more active – physically & civically – and cohesive Europe.

As we worked with and empowered these young people, the five partners collaborated on best-practice education guides that will help organisations around Europe and the world create innovative outdoor and indoor street sports facilities as hubs for urban sports and youth voluntarism.

The project delivered three crucial intellectual outputs:

  • A transnational Playmaker (volunteer) curriculum which consists of a package of educational modules, with specific training themes and learning goals that increase the children and young people’s personal and interpersonal social and cultural skills, as well as their capabilities to make solid decisions. It developed, implemented, and tested in the partner countries and contexts with the potential to build a stronger and more versatile concept that can later be scaled and implemented in other European countries.
  • An Online Playmaker Toolbox will serve as a free, online, learning platform for all Playmakers and other people involved in sports, social inclusion and voluntary activity, a sharing dialogue promoting the platform and a street sports compendium with drills and training materials combined with the empowerment goals central to the project. The toolbox also has an interactive feature where key volunteers can report and share results from local activities.
  • A Street Sports Facility Guide to establish and operate outdoor and indoor sport facilities

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