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Top 10 Questions in Job Interviews

Job interviews are one of the turning points of our lives, the job we choose / choose shapes our career plans and affects our entire life. You have prepared a beautiful CV (CV) and a letter of intent, applied for a job and called for an interview. The interview is a really difficult process because it is difficult to guess what kind of questions can come up and how the answers are expected!

We have chosen 10 questions that are highly likely to be asked to you from job interviews for you and we have prepared a guide for alternative answers!

1. Can You Tell Me About You?

The first question that may come to you is “Tell me about yourself”. This question is a very general question and it is in your interest to draw your limits for the answer to the question. When talking about yourself, you should be concise and concise, because as you extend the subject, the interviewer will be distracted. It is best to set a time between 1 minute and 3 minutes while talking about yourself. So, what should you answer to this general question in terms of content? Briefly and without going into detail, you can talk about where you grew up, the schools you studied, your past work experience.

2. What is your Highlights for Hiring You?

This question is one of the deceptive questions that may come to you, attention 🙂 Generally, while the candidates answer this question, they highlight their GPA or university. However, this is not the answer that is expected from you, but the answer that is expected from you is the answer to the question “What could be the feature or skill that distinguishes you from other candidates?” At this point, the special conditions required in the job posting will be your biggest resource. For example, a special computer program that is sought in the job posting, a special work experience will take you one click away from other candidates.

3. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

Most of us do not leave the work with a happy ending. My boss was a bad guy, I couldn’t get along with my boss, my boss was wearing me, my colleagues were gossiping. If you have a serious problem with your boss, you can soften it a bit and say, “We have disagreed with the top management”, but this disagreement can still be examined by the other party. One of the answers to this question may be answers such as lack of promotion and logistical problems. Finally, do not go into salary in this question; Answers such as my ex-boss was delaying wages, the salary was low, the salary was not satisfied, and this question will put you in trouble.

4. How Do You Define Yourself, Can You Say Your 3 Features?

It is really difficult for a person to define himself impartially and objectively. It would be good to say some more job application features. For example; Definitions such as I am cold, I can manage the moments of crisis, I am regular. It may be more impressive if you sample your features.

5. What is your weakest / disliked personal characteristic?

In this question, breathe a little and be realistic 🙂 According to the researches; The most answers to this question are “I worry about myself when I can’t get things done sucess.” and ” I get work in my center of life”. In addition, it will be useful to state the studies you have done and the trainings you have received to improve your weak / disliked aspect.

6. What is your Strongest / Favorite personal characteristic?

This question is usually asked along with the 5th question. It will be advantageous for you to indicate your strength and detail according to the job description. It will also not be welcome to keep your weaknesses short and describe your strengths. You should answer this question with plain, abstract and examples.

7. What Is Your Greatest Success So Far?

When answering this question, you don’t need to go to middle school, high school and university first years 🙂 You need to define a current and acceptable success. If you have many years of work experience, you can choose this success from your business life. If you do not have much experience in your business life, you can choose an example from university years.

For example;

– Being the highest selling staff of the year in the company
– Creating savings in the company with the software you developed
– Your rank in awards or competitions you received
– Developing an innovative strategy

8. How Do You Define Success, How Do You Measure Success?

The concept of success means different meanings to everyone. Success is money for some people, position is sometimes happiness for others. There is no answer to this question that we can define as right or wrong. You can tell success in a complicated way. For example, the success of my childhood dream was to become a doctor and now I can apply to your hospital as a successful doctor. When this question asked to you, you can tell the measurement of success as the indicators.

9. Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

If you do not already have a job, this question will not be asked to you, but if you are applying for another job while working in one job, this question will definitely come. As we have already mentioned, do not go over material issues and do not address your personal problems. You can say that the company you work with is small, you do not have a chance to rise, and you want to take a new step in your career.

10. Is There Anything You Want To Ask Us?

When the job interviews are finished, you are asked if you have any questions and questions. We recommend you to ask questions except “Salary, How Much”, “Which Month”, “Do You Work on Public Holidays”? 🙂

For example;

– What professions does the team I work with, how many people are there?
– Do your employees actively participate in training at the national level?
– How does the company perform its performance management?
– How does your orientation process work?

We have given you information about the 10 most frequently asked questions in job interviews / interviews. Our last advice to our followers is to be honest in business negotiations and don’t over do it 🙂

I hope you work happily in your dream job for many years!

Gökhan Turgut Ünal

StudyIngram Editor

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