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What Will Change in the World After COVID 19?

A world with a big epidemic and paralysis! Loot, empty streets, helicopters hovering in a click away horror movies! COVID 19 has changed many things in our lives and continues to change. The borders were closed, face-to-face communication decreased, online channels exploded, and artificial intelligence, which has been highlighted for years, has been helpless. Even those who call COVID 19 a big balloon or conspiracy can’t ignore the effects of the outbreak so far. So what will change in the world after COVID 19 gets the normalization process?



Military spending, missiles, smart weapon technologies make up an important part of the budget in the defense industry of many countries. If you have 1.000.000 soldiers and many related technologies? A great number of security policies for a president. But this is just number 🙂 COVID 19 showed that a healthy army is very important, quality rather than number comes to the fore. In the event of an epidemic, getting a virus into a large number of armies could crash the entire security policy. Our prediction is that after the COVID-19, defense and military security investments will increase significantly and there will be significant changes in security paradigms.


There is of course a difficult, active epidemic for people to show this demand right now, and they do not have to go out on the streets and take action, but when the epidemic ends, one of the most important demands of people will be the demand of the state. Policies such as customized health systems and substance-based health insurance are expected to receive severe criticism worldwide. Negative situations such as emergencies, intensive care units and hospitals, people who lost their jobs, individuals without social security will cause an increase in social state demand during the epidemic. Be prepared for promises such as social state, expropriation of health services, free health service, clean drinking water in the next elections in many countries 🙂



We are about to freak out from washing our hands and cleaning the house. In this period of epidemic, we are constantly getting new habits, and our obsessions are growing. You are always at home, the news is open, virus death news comes from right to left. How much can your brain and soul endure this situation? We expect an increase in the fears and obsessions mentioned below in people after the epidemic. Remember, the most important is mental health 🙂

The translation of the term agoraphobia (in ancient Greek) is the fear of the field. The victim is afraid to leave the house, to be in public places, to enter shopping malls or shops, to be in the crowd, in theaters or in narrow and closed rooms, or to travel by train, bus or plane. For this reason, he either avoids going to these places or experiences great fears as long as he lives there. Panic attacks and agoraphobia often occur together.

Disease disease is a type of obsessive disease whose medical name is “hypochondriasis”. In this disease, the patient’s obsession contact is “his own health”. Persons diagnosed with illness do not believe physicians even though they do not have a physical illness and argue that they have a serious physical illness. In this direction, they often apply to the physician. In this disorder, which the term “illness patient” is well summed up, the patient is worried that his or her health will deteriorate. As with obsession diseases, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which is in the disease disease, it is obsession with contamination, religious and sexual aspect, as well as “obsession with illness”.

Cleaning disease is caused by obsessive cleaning passion, believing that everything is dirty and constantly repeating actions such as washing and wiping everything.

The underlying reason for this is anxiety disorder, skepticism and feeling unsure, obsessive thoughts. Although one knows that these disorders are irrational, they cannot prevent their own behavior. He tries to prevent his involuntary behavior by constantly repeating.

Amatophobia: fear of dust

Anthropophobia: fear of people

Febriphobia: fear of high fever, constantly measuring fever

Gerontophobia: fear of old people or aging

Pathophobia: do not be afraid to be sick





Artificial intelligence technologies are advancing day by day, but artificial intelligence studies have not been brought up in the vaccine studies. The most important reason for this; The fact that artificial intelligence studies in the field of health in the past years were not sufficient. Artificial intelligence studies in the field of robotics and gene mapping definitely worked in the COVID-19 outbreak, but was that the expected effect? The importance of artificial intelligence was better understood especially in vaccination studies. In the coming years, we can see revolutionary artificial intelligence developments in the field of health. I hope we see you too!


Schools holidays, universities holidays, conferences cancel, meetings online! In the new world order after COVID-19, significant revolutions may occur in education. The world has now been caught unprepared for this epidemic and we can say that we are in the infancy period on issues such as online education and meeting. Applications such as Teams, Skype and Zoom, the rising stars of the epidemic period, will improve themselves and similar ones will increase. Perhaps some countries may even switch to part-time online education! There are also the end of the hall meetings where people overlap and sit on the bottom.


Nothing will be the same as before. In the field of health, nothing will really be the same, and many new applications will come for both healthcare professionals and patients. Applications such as online examination, online treatment, robotic interventional surgery will increase. Bed capacities will be increased in case of epidemic situations and preventive health services will increase. In the coming years, especially options such as online examination and online treatment are expected to become legal in many countries. In addition, COVID-19 showed that people with strong immune systems survive, healthy aging policies will come to the fore in the field of health.


1 meter social distance, no hugs, no kisses, no entering crowded areas, wash your hands after touching the money, and delete the box when the cargo arrives. Integrating into social life will be very difficult even if vaccines are found tomorrow or an effective drug is distributed worldwide. Be prepared for the years when people walk away from each other, social distance increases, obsessions increase! Think twice before shaking hands with someone because you can be politely rejected even if the outbreak ends.


Loneliness and nature preferences will increase in social relations after COVID-19. Choices such as living in nature and living alone will increase even more. Nevertheless, keep in touch with people 🙂


Gökhan Turgut Ünal

Studyingram Editor

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